[Candids+Vids] IDDI Wraps up for the season + Sarah Gilman, Piper Curda, Austin North & Olivia Holt having fun on I Didn’t Do It Set!

Looks like the IDDI cast and crew wrapped up for the holiday season yesterday and it definitely seemed like they ended it with lots of fun! Gonna miss their daily on set candids and instavids, but I’m glad they are gonna get a break to enjoy their holidays with their family friends and loved ones! Olivia Holt would even be heading towards New York. πŸ˜‰ ANyways, check out yesterday’s candids below.


just wrapped for two weeks! I'm gonna miss my lovelies ❀️❀️

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Check out the failed attempt of the cast and crew to sing 12 Days of Christmas but to no avail haha…..but at least they tried.Β watch the hilarity below. I like the voices of the last batch of guys who sang 10 etc etc….great synchronization.

So we kinda failed at this… #HappyHolidays #ididntdoit

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Earlier in the day, the Prankster Possums Duo aka Sarah Gilman and Piper Curda were up to their daily shenanigans and having fun on the set of I Didn’t Do IT. Sarah tweeted candids of her and Piper in front of Calum Worthy‘s dressing room door on the set of Austin&Ally and then of them dressed up as firefighters in front of the Mobile Pizza Unit Food Truck. They sure were overjoyed! The cast are just like kids in a candy store when they’re hyper haha….

Fire truck food truck πŸ•πŸš’πŸš¨

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on

Olivia instavidded her ordering a Dalmation Pizza


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