[Rumor] http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | *New* I Didn’t Do it Episode titles update! #iddi

[UPDATED] The following are the rumored titles for Season 1 of Disney Channel’s new TV series, I Didn’t Do it. Take these with a pinch of salt cos anything can change since the show is only in it’s pre-production stage. Season 1· 2013 – 2014 Season 1· 2013 – 2014 Episodes Air Date Presidential Exposé […]

[Instwitter] Candids of #IDDI cast out and about day before Thanksgiving!

Looks like the cast of I DIDN’T DO IT are taking the time off to really enjoy their days off from shooting before their Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Check out what they are up to today! Austin and his fam are enjoying their time go-karting with Luke Benward and friends. Go Carting with the clique laurennorth3 […]

[Shot of the day] Angsty #IDDI cast. Sans Austin. cr. @pipercurda

I like this photo. A lot. So it’s gonna be the Shot of the Day. (or Night) Courtesy of Piper Curda. Impromptu on-set hypothetical album cover photo shoots. http://t.co/csNEx0c1jl — Piper Curda (@pipercurda) November 27, 2013 View this post on Instagram Impromptu on-set hypothetical album cover photo shoots. A post shared by Piper Curda (@pippiphooray1) […]

[Candids] Daily collation of #IDDI cast candids! + #AskPiper Livestream petition!

Have we shared how much we love weekdays? Cos weekdays mean working days, which means the IDDI cast are on set filming which means more daily candids and updates from them! Here are some of the daily snappage shared by the cast and fam. First up, Olivia’s Mom @kimpetersonholt shared a candid of Olivia cuddling […]

[INFO] Want to send #IDDI cast fanmail? Here’s how (for @olivia_holt & @sarahbgilman so far)

I’m sure some of you are eager to start sending the cast of I DIDN’T DO IT some love notes (a.k.a fanmail) and gifts, especially since the holiday season is near! Well, I’ll try to compile some of the fanmail addresses for your ease and convenience, but thus far, we manage to find Olivia Holt’s […]

[Gifs] A couple more Kick gifs @olivia_holt + Throwback Tuesday to @austinnorth55 as Ricky Weaver!

When I’m bored, I tend to gif stuff. So here’s a couple more gifs of Kim/Jack (Olivia in Kickin It) for those who ship those two.     —- Speaking of which, remember the time when Austin North guest starred in Kickin’ It as Ricky Weaver…..and was a rival for Jack as Kim’s love interest? […]

[Obligatory Squealfest] Week is made. Thanks to Piper Curda & Sarah Gilman.

This is a not-really-an-IDDI post but it’s sorta kinda IDDI related cos it involves two of the actresses from the show. FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS POST if you want. 😉 Just wanted to immortalize this…..experience?incident?memory…. in a post in case someday I lost evidence of it somehow. Well, essentially, two of the awesome cast […]

[Non-IDDI post] But I like Kick (Kim/Jack). @olivia_holt @iamleohoward So here are some gifs of them being cute..

So if you guys do watch Olivia Holt on Kickin’ It, i’m sure you’re probably shipping KICK (Kim/Jack) on the show cos they are both just adorable together. They had some great hugs in this episode, so I’ve giffed them so that you guys can watch it over and over and over and over again. […]

[Instwitter] Robert Wilson with #IDDI cast + Panda Besties + #Northstars Won! + Olivia Holt on new Kickin It episode

Happy Monday y’all! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend with your friends and fam! Monday is exciting cos it means the cast is back on I Didn’t Do It set filming more episodes! True enough, there are new Candids shared by guest stars on the show. The Dashingly handsome Robert Scott Wilson tweeted a photo […]

[Graphics] http://ididntdoit.2ya.com Wallpapers of IDDI cast using caricatures from MomentCam!

Was bored so I made a couple of wallpapers of the IDDI cast using the caricatures of them from the app MomentCam.   Thanks soooooooooooo much to Miss Piper Curda for her wonderful and kind words on twitter. Really made my entire week to know that she actually do take a look at some of […]