[OFFICIAL SITE] Disney Channel UK launched their I Didn’t Do It Site with TONS of new photos galore!

I’m in loooooooveeeeee with Disney Channel UK’s newest site for I DIDN’T DO IT as it has TONS of wonderful gorgeous photoshoot pictures of the cast!! I’m giddy seeing all these new photos of the lovely cast in their HQ galore. It’s waaaayyyyy better than the US site IMHO. Hehe…but i still love both. Check […]

[Articles] Starry Magazine Interviews Olivia Holt and Austin North and talks I Didn’t Do It, cast and more! + Austin North Interview with Young Adult Magazine

http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | Sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve just been hanging on Twitter and was unable to get online to make some proper updates. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more interviews and articles recently and here’s one with Starry Magazine with Austin North and Olivia Holt where they talk about I Didn’t Do It, […]

[INFO] Mark these dates! The Cast of I Didn’t Do It Birthdays Dates & Social Network Sites ~

Just for easy reference, I’ve compiled and created an easy birthday guide for the Cast of I Didn’t Do It with their birthdays and their various official accounts on their social network sites. Check out the banner below to view it in full.

[GIFS&VIDS] A special moment with Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Garrett, Delia on I Didn’t Do It On Disney Ch

For some reason, Disney Channel is releasing soundless clips or gifs on their official youtube channel, which is pretty amusing yet pretty cool. They’ve released these 3 seconds video clips where they called it “A Special moment with……” and there’s a clip for all the  I Didn’t Do It Characters: Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Garrett, Delia. I’ve made […]

[Interview] Austin North talks about Olivia Holt and I Didn’t Do It + Piper Curda on Photoshoot set + Sarah Gilman’s Cat sound

BSCKids did a new interview with Austin North in which he talks about Olivia Holt, I Didn’t Do it and more! Along with it comes a suhweet new headshot of him. Check out the interview below. Photo Credit: Jared Thomas Kocka Photography BSCkids had the exciting opportunity to talk with rising star Austin North about his upcoming […]

[Articles] Olivia Holt on Justine Magazine and Do you Know Austin North?

There’s a lot more articles churned out these few weeks in anticipation of the premiere of the show on January 17th. Here’s two articles with Olivia Holt being featured on Justine Magazine and Girls Life Mag and Austin North on Cincinnatti.com.

[Official Site] Check out @DisneyChannel’s Official “I Didn’t Do It” Site + Character Profiles #ididntdoit

http://ididntdoit.2ya.com/ | Thanks to DCBanners for the heads up, apparently the Official Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It Site is now up and running and you can read the profile descriptions of the IDDI characters there! Do note that the site is for US viewers only, so if you’re from outside the states, it won’t show […]

[Caps + Vid] *New* LQ I Didn’t Do It & Cloud 9 JaNEWary Promo bumper! @pipercurda @olivia_holt @austinnorth55 @sarahbgilman @peytonpclark

It seems they’re really rolling out the promotional trailers and teasers cos there’s ANOTHER new JaNEWary promotional bumper released on Disney Channel today featuring the cast of I Didn’t Do IT – Olivia Holt, Austin North, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark ,Sarah Gilman, and Cloud 9 cast – Dove Cameron and Luke Benward in their winter […]

[Caps + Vid] *New* LQ I Didn’t Do It Promotional Trailer #3 with new scenes!

While watching Disney Channel today, enjoying the Tangled Movie, we managed to spot a third NEW Promotional Trailer for I DIDN’T DO IT in between commercials for Tangled! They showed new clips and even the flashback sequences when the five best friends were in pre-school! Check out the trailer below! It’s low quality version since […]

[Vid Interviews] @AshleyBInspired w #IDDI cast @villageofthewar @austinnorth55 @pipercurda @sarahbgilman @olivia_holt

So apparently earlier this week was media day or something in which entertainment companies and shows were invited to visit the set and interview the cast! Check out the video interviews done by MingleTVNetwork with the cast on their set of I DIDN’T DO IT.  I love that there’s new interviews with the cast of I DIDN’T DO […]