[Candids] TGIF! I Didn’t Do It Cast hard at work on #IDDI set…..

Or not haha….the Cast of I Didn’t Do It; Olivia Holt, Austin North, Piper Curda, Sarah Gilman and Peyton Clark are back on set on yet another Friday and they’ve shared some fun candids while they were rehearsing for new episodes.  Seems pretty busy…..playing the latest game craze, FLAPPY BIRD LOL! Are you addicted to it […]

[Candids] I Didn’t Do It Cast back on set recording more episodes + Candids galore!

Finally! I was unable to post on wordpress for a couple of days for some unforseen reasons, but thankfully it’s back now. And so are the cast of I Didn’t Do It who have resumed shooting for more episodes of I Didn’t Do It! They returned back on set on Wednesday, and have been updating […]

[Compilation] #AskPeyton & #AskSarah Twitter Answers

The cast of I Didn’t Do  It have been very social and active interacting with fans on twitter, and now, all five of them have done their own sessions of #AskMe! Sarah Gilman did an #AskSarah last Sunday, while Peyton Clark just did one yesterday afternoon. Here’s a compilation of the funfacts you’ll learn from […]

[WATCH] Piper Curda Released Official Music Video to Single “Losing You”!

What a great surprise by Piper Curda today who tweeted that she’ll be sharing a surprise at 3PM PST and we didn’t think that she’d be dropping a full music video! Check out her lovely MV below and some of the funfacts about it too. Don’t forget to COP a copy of the single from […]

[Candids] Olivia Holt photoshoot behind the scenes for After Glow Magazine

Olivia Holt is busy these days appearing in magazine covers everywhere and this time round, she’ll be gracing the cover of AfterGlow Magazine for their February issue! Check out the lovely candids and sneak peeks behind her photoshoot below. Had the most fun at my @AfterglowMag cover shoot today. Here's a sneak peek! pic.twitter.com/VHJi4uJZBf — […]

[PROMO VIDEO] Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, Sarah Gilman and Austin North hosting Sunday’s Night of Premieres + New I Didn’t Do It Episode!

[UPDATE] Watch Tonight! Be sure to tune in from 7:30pm ET with the cast of I Didn’t Do It as they host the Sunday Night of Premieres from the Watson’s Basement! For those who missed it, I’ve uploaded the entire full segment of the introductions by the cast of I Didn’t Do It yesterday night. ——– […]

[PROMO] New I Didn’t Do It Episode 3 & 4 Stills +Video for “The New Guy” & “Dear High School Self!”

EEEPP. They’ve released new promotional stills from the upcoming episodes of I Didn’t Do It – “The New Guy” and  “Dear High School Self” which will be airing on Disney Channel on 9th & 16th February respectively. These are thumbnails for now, and hopefully the higher resolution versions will be released soon. Totally looking forward […]

[CAPS&GIFS] S1X02 Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station – I Didn’t Do It Episode Recap

So did you enjoy the second episode of I DIDN’T DO IT-  Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station that just aired on Disney Channel??? I personally loved it! So many awesome zingers by the cast and lots of laughs throughout the episode. Check out the episode screencaps by clicking on the banner below. Screencaps : Gallery | YT Links #1 | […]

[PROMO STILLS] I Didn’t Do It Cast Childhood photos + Watch Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station Episode tonight!

Check out these adorable and exclusive pics of the I Didn’t Do It cast from birthdays past thanks to JUSTJAREDJR.COM! In anticipation of the all-new episode tonight, Austin North, Olivia Holt, Piper Curda and Peyton Clark shared some memories with JJJ of their favorite birthday parties growing up. How cute were they?! In “Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station”, the five BFFs find themselves at […]

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