[Update] Olivia Holt in NY, #AskPiper, Austin North balling and Sarah Gilman anticipating for #IDDI premiere!

Now that the cast is on a holiday hiatus from filming I Didn’t Do It, they’re all dispersed around the country doing their own thing for the holidays.

Olivia Holt and her mom were up at 6am getting ready for their flight to New York for this holiday season. There were papparazzis there to capture photos of her at the LAX airport this morning. Check out some of the photos below.

olivia-holt-1218 3









Some of her tweets below:

Congratulations to Piper for reaching 5000 Followers on Twitter! In commemoration of that, as she had promised, she did an #AskPiper fanchat on twitter. She shared a new candid of her and Sarah having mani-pedi on the classroom set of IDDI, she talks about her impressions of the cast, and answered each and every question. Check out her timeline @pipercurda

Austin shared an instagram of him balling with Luke Benward (who came back from the Cloud 9) movie screening and press meet.

Balling with @labenward

A post shared by Austin North (@austinnorth55) on

And looks like Sarah went back to school!

Like Sarah’s tweet, it’s only a month away till I DIDN’T DO IT PREMIERES  ON Disney Channel! Are you stoked??

Ooh, Peyton Clark actually replied to one of our tweets asking whether he could do a duet with Piper but then he deleted it. But it was a sweet reply.


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