[WATCH] Piper Curda Released Official Music Video to Single “Losing You”!

What a great surprise by Piper Curda today who tweeted that she’ll be sharing a surprise at 3PM PST and we didn’t think that she’d be dropping a full music video! Check out her lovely MV below and some of the funfacts about it too. Don’t forget to COP a copy of the single from […]

[Caps & Lyrics] The epicly awesome I Didn’t Do It Opening Credits / Title Sequence with Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, Austin North and Sarah Gilman

I’m loving the title sequence for I Didn’t Do It and the song is very catchy! Olivia Holt has a pretty nice unique voice and she certainly knows how to rock the track. I’ve made screencaps of the opening credits and definitely loving all the cast photobooth shots in the promo. If you haven’t caught […]