[PROMO] *New* I Didn’t Do It Episode “Snow Problem” on April 6th, Trailers, Synopsis, Screencaps, Stills & Sneak Peek!

[Edited on April 10th] : Added screencaps from the episode to the gallery!

Snow Problem screencaps 2 copy

[Edited on April 6th]: Added more candids of the cast on the set of Snow Problem! Did you manage to catch the episode tonight?


[Edited on March 30th]: I’ve posted the new sneak peek from the episode Snow Problem below!

Disney Channel has starting airing the promotional trailer for the seventh episode of I Didn’t Do It on tv and we’ve got the promotional trailer for SNOW PROBLEM below, thanks to Disfreakb on youtube. It looks like a fun episode! Will share the promotional stills, screencaps and synopsis soon. For now, check out the trailer below.

tumblr_n33jkhDQYL1rtf1rqo3_1280 VIEW PROMOTIONAL STILLS



Snow Problem

Sunday, April 06
Original Series – Episode Premiere
I Didn’t Do It Snow Problem”
(8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)
When Logan finds a great “cheap-on” coupon rate for a ski chalet, the five pals head to the slopes but soon discover why the cabin was such a steal.

Snow Problem sneak peeksmall copyVIEW SCREENCAPS


More Gifs Below Cut and interesting fun facts shared by Sarah Gilman!


“When we filmed the episode we were all in winter clothes. I’m talking snow pants, boots, parkas, hats, mittens,” Sarah EXCLUSIVELY tells M. “You name it, we were bundled in it.” (Fun Fact: See the man photobombing Sarah, Olivia, and Piper Curda? It’s their director, Bruce Leddy!)



“Because of the snow, we couldn’t turn on the air conditioning in the stage so it felt like it was 100 degrees in our outfits,” Sarah reveals.


“Everyone on the cast refused to sit next to each other because we didn’t want to share body heat!” Sarah reveals.


“Everyone started sweating and we had to bring in personal fans to try and cool everyone down!” Sarah admits to M. (Fun Fact: Olivia and Peyton Clark are posing with the executive producer Judd Pilot!

tumblr_n3az9vZDJO1rtf1rqo5_400 tumblr_n3az9vZDJO1rtf1rqo3_400 tumblr_n3az9vZDJO1rtf1rqo4_400 tumblr_n3az9vZDJO1rtf1rqo6_400 tumblr_n3az9vZDJO1rtf1rqo1_400 tumblr_n3azaiG5k21rtf1rqo2_400



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