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“Lindy Watson”

Olivia Holt stars as Lindy, a high-spirited and ambitious teenager who excels in school, but always manages to be in the center of some chaotic event along with her fraternal twin brother Logan and their three best friends, in Disney Channel’s comedy series, “I Didn’t Do It.”

Holt is best known for her co-starring role as Kim in Disney XD’s hit series, “Kickin’ It.” Her portrayal of the confident martial artist and only girl in the dojo who could go toe-to-toe with the boys, along with her starring role as the fearless monster hunter Skylar Lewis in the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Girl vs. Monster,” has made the young performer a fan favorite with girls and boys worldwide.

An accomplished singer as well, Holt performed three of the top singles on the “Girl vs. Monster” soundtrack – “Nothing’s Going to Stop Me,” “Fearless” and the iTunes smash hit, “Had Me at Hello,” for which she won a Radio Disney Music Award. She also covered the classic holiday song “Winter Wonderland” for the Disney Channel Holiday Playlist release, and her rendition of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” is featured on the Shake It Up I ❤ Dance Soundtrack. Additionally, Holt performed “Snowflakes” for Walt Disney Record’s latest holiday CD, “Holiday Unwrapped.”

Born August, 5, 1997, in Germantown, Tennessee and raised in Nesbit, Mississippi, Holt began singing and acting on stage when she was three. She starred in numerous community productions, including “Annie” and “Through the Looking Glass,” before landing a role in the indie film “Black & Blue.” Her television credits also include several national commercials for leading brands, such as Hasbro, Mattel and Bratz dolls.

Holt was class president in seventh grade and was a member of the chess team, school choir and cheerleading squad. She competed in gymnastics for over six years before deciding to focus her efforts on acting and singing.

In her spare time, Holt enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the movies, theme parks, playing the guitar and piano, practicing gymnastics and Parkour (a style of free running and jumping). Holt also donates her time and talent serving as an ambassador for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and recently designed the “Heart of St. Jude” T-shirt for the organization’s 10th annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving® campaign.

One of three children, Holt currently resides in Los Angeles with her family and their beloved Yorkshire terriers Diesel and Scout.

aboutlindywatson copy2 copy

Lindy grew up, kinda geeky, kinda nerdy, kinda of an outcast, more so on the athletic side, and she’s kinda walking into high school with a brand new look, she has a best friend with her who shows her how to be all fashionable and she’s kinda branching out and becoming this new girl. “

Fashion Sense

Both roles have really made Olivia step out of her real-life style for a bit.

 Kim: Her closet is more relaxed with nothing too fancy. She always needs to be ready in case she needs to show of her karate moves, after all.


Lindy: She’s the epitome of sporty chic with basketball jerseys, sneaker wedges and some glitter thrown into the mix.

 Olivia says… “My real-life style is a little bit different [than both of them]. I’m more bohemian and just throw things on. I go for chill, relaxed outfits.”


“Kim is very sarcastic and tough. She’s very go for it 24/7 and I think Lindy is a little bit more innocent than that,” Olivia tells us of the two. “Lindy has a twin brother so you get to see the relationship she has with a brother compared to Kim who [doesn’t have siblings] but is hanging around boys all the time. You get to see how the innocent plays out versus the tough attitude.”

Speaking of boys…

It seems like Olivia has gotten the best of both worlds. She landed her big break as the only girl in a crew of dudes and is now learning to balance it all with a more gender-even cast.

Kim: At her martial arts studio, Kim is surrounded by dudes, which could be good or bad. Given a history with Leo, Kim is the go-to person when these boys need tips on how girls work.


Lindy: As Liv mentioned, Lindy has a twin brother, so the way Lindy is around boys is much more familial compared to Kim.

 Olivia says…Working with so many different guys has really given her an insight into the male mind. “I remember the first time they asked me if I wanted to play Call of Dutyand I was like, ‘What’s that?’” she reminisces of her Kickin’ It days. “As soon as I’d get off set, I’d hang with my girls and would be talking just like them, saying boy stuff like, ‘Can we just go shoot hoops?’ Now I have two other girls on set so it’s funny because I’m getting back into the mix of shooting hoops with the boys or watching a romantic comedy with the girls during lunch.”

Olivia Holt as Lindy

Olivia Holt plays Lindy, twin sister to Logan. She’s a driven student, and a good friend. She has a positive outlook and wants the best outcome possible for her friends. We got the feeling that these are traits Olivia shares with her character. She reported that she and the cast mates were all super close in real life, and had become fast friends since starting the show. They were all planning a group ice skating trip while we chatted. Olivia feels quite at home on the set of I Didn’t Do It, as it uses the same soundstage where she filmed the popular show Kickin’ It. Although Olivia is a talented gymnast, we shouldn’t expect to see Lindy walking on her hands, something that she likes to do around friends and family just for fun. Too bad! We’d  love to see that!

I Didn’t Do It — The DL:
It’s Lindy (Olivia Holt) vs. fraternal twin bro Logan. Each episode begins with the end, which is always a hilariously sticky sitch, and the rest of the episode serves as an account of just what really happened between the competetive sibs. “It’s like a younger version ofFriends.” Sold. Obviously Olivia’s right for the part, she admits that she watches the classic every night!

On-Screen Bro vs. Real-Life Bro:
“My brother is four years younger than me, and on the TV show we’re basically the same person except with different genders and totally opposite personalities.” Age difference or not, Olivia explains that competitiveness remains the common denominator. Unfortunately the gap does make it hard to put off the blame when, say… you’re in charge while the ‘rents are out and your pizza/Chinese food feast ends up at the mercy of your dogs! “Mom… Dad… he did it!” We would have backed you up, Olivia! Who cares that he’s in bed and you’re in the middle of the chaos?

 Get to Know Lindy:

Unlike Kickin’ It‘s ultra-confident Kim, Lindy is “the shy, quirky one” who is using her unusual high school experience to “kind of blossom.” Not to mention she has killer fashion sense that Olivia loves, describing it as “not over the top, but not very underdressed”— the perfect counterpart to Lindy’s intelligence, which Olivia also strives for… “not only with what’s going on in the world, but also helping others and giving them advice.”

10-Year Reunion:
Olivia hopes in a decade we can find her still in LA (the love affair is real) making feature films and working on her music. “I’d like to have three or four albums out there. I really love working on music and hopefully that will succeed the way I want it to.” And, of course, she sees herself traveling. Where? To see the Titanic! “I know it sounds crazy… but I just have a weird quirk with it and I just want (to see) something no one else has seen.”

Free Day!:
You can find this girl livin’ it up at a theme park, for starters. “I love roller coasters. They do not stress me out… I get on them and I feel so carefree!” Next comes frozen yogurt and a dip in the pool back at home. Olivia tells us she’d wrap things up curled up on the couch with a movie!

Check out the interview with Olivia on the set of I DIDNT DO IT!

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