[PROMO STILLS] Bop&TigerBeat Magazine Quiz + Olivia Holt answers fans questions on Facebook for Girls Life Magazine!

Tigerbeat & Bop Magazine released a new quiz whereby you can find out which character are you most like! Go ahead and try it! You’ll find that there’s a new promotional still of the cast for every character that you got. —- Girls’ Life had a live chat with Olivia Holt  for GL’s exclusive chat to celebrate their […]

[PLAY] Official @DisneyChannel I Didn’t Do It Game “That Just Happened” #ididntdoit #iddi

It’s December 23rd and that means it’s two more days to the Holiday that most of you are looking forward to! It also means that it’s the day that you can play the newest I DIDN’T DO IT Official Game – That Just Happened! It’s mostly for those in the USA cos the site won’t work […]