[INFO] New “I Didn’t Do It” Episode – Now Museum Now You Don’t! Episode Synopsis, Promo stills, vids, trailers and screencaps!

[Edited on May 5th] Added screencaps to the full episode below! [Edited on April 23rd] Posted on April 18th  Disney Channel has released their May premieres of new episodes and there’ll only be one new episode of I Didn’t Do It this coming May 4th – “Now Museum Now You Don’t!”. Check out the episode […]

[PROMO VIDS] Peyton List guest stars on I Didn’t Do It “Dance Fever” April 13th as part of Disney Channel’s What the What Weekend

[Edit on April 15th]  Love the latest episode of #IDIDNTDOIT “Dance Fever”! If you missed it, catch it again at the above times. It was a funny one with lots of great zingers and gif-worthy scenes. I’ve added about 900+ MQ screencaps to the Dance Fever gallery! Click on the banner below to view them. [Edit on […]

[PROMO] *New* I Didn’t Do It Episode “Snow Problem” on April 6th, Trailers, Synopsis, Screencaps, Stills & Sneak Peek!

[Edited on April 10th] : Added screencaps from the episode to the gallery! [Edited on April 6th]: Added more candids of the cast on the set of Snow Problem! Did you manage to catch the episode tonight?   [Edited on March 30th]: I’ve posted the new sneak peek from the episode Snow Problem below! Disney Channel […]

[PROMO, CAPS & GIFS] New #IDIDNTDOIT Episode “Lindy-Licious” airing Sunday March 16th!

[Edit on March 17th] I’ve added the full episode screencaps for the episode “Lindy-licious” to the gallery! It was such a funny episode! Check it out below.  Buy & Watch on iTunes | #1 | #2  | View Episode Screencaps in Gallery There’s a new episode coming up this Sunday, March 16th titled “Lindy-licious” which we’ve […]

[PROMO,CAPS & GIFS] Official Episode Synopsis for “If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout” & Promo Trailer, Stills & Sneak Peek!

[Edit on March 10th] I’ve updated the post with the  “If It Tastes Like A Brussels Sprout” Episode links and screencaps below ~ Links: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 [Edit on March 5th] I’ve updated the post with the Sunday Night Premieres Promo from the Episodes “If It […]

[PROMO] Don’t Miss Sunday Night I Didn’t Do It Marathon with Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, Sarah Gilman and Austin North!

So stoked for this Sunday night as they’re showing viewers all the first four episodes of I Didn’t Do It on Disney Channel and hosted by the cast themselves! Check out the promo and new footages of the cast cute interactions and be sure to tune in this Sunday, 2 March from 8PM ET for […]

[MQ Caps] S1EPX03 I Didn’t Do It – The New Guy Episode Screencaps ~

Just rewatched the latest episode of I Didn’t Do It – The New Guy and it was even better the second time round! When you get to watch the episodes properly, you really enjoy the funny jokes and quips of the characters. I love the episode, and there were a lot of funny moments that […]

[VIDEO & CAPS] Disney Channel released Sneak Peek into I Didn’t Do It Episode – The New Guy!

Super exciting! Disney Channel has just released a video sneak peek clip of the upcoming episode, The New Guy which is airing this Sunday, February 9th, @8:30PM on their official youtube channel! It’s totally funny and I love whenever the girls say “VOTE!” in unison. Plus, Garrett and Logan doing mani-pedis and pink hair was […]

[PROMO VIDEO] Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, Sarah Gilman and Austin North hosting Sunday’s Night of Premieres + New I Didn’t Do It Episode!

[UPDATE] Watch Tonight! Be sure to tune in from 7:30pm ET with the cast of I Didn’t Do It as they host the Sunday Night of Premieres from the Watson’s Basement! For those who missed it, I’ve uploaded the entire full segment of the introductions by the cast of I Didn’t Do It yesterday night. ——– […]

[PROMO] Sneak Peek into I Didn’t Do It’s 2nd Episode Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station – Clip

Just another five days and we’ll get to catch the next episode of I Didn’t Do It! Disney Channel has officially released a sneak preview for the upcoming episode Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station and it shows the cast in the Watson’s basement just hanging out. Check out the promo clip below.