[CANDIDS] Lucky fans met 4/5 of the I Didn’t Do It Cast @Waltsbarn Disney’s Carolwood Barn!

Lucky fans who were in the LA area turned out for the first ever Meet and Greet for the I Didn’t Do It cast at Carolwood Walt Barn! Lots of candids and selfies were shared on twitter and it seemed they had a great time. Check out all the candids below. View this post on […]

[INFO] New “I Didn’t Do It” Episode – Now Museum Now You Don’t! Episode Synopsis, Promo stills, vids, trailers and screencaps!

[Edited on May 5th] Added screencaps to the full episode below! [Edited on April 23rd] Posted on April 18th  Disney Channel has released their May premieres of new episodes and there’ll only be one new episode of I Didn’t Do It this coming May 4th – “Now Museum Now You Don’t!”. Check out the episode […]

[MP3 & LYRICS] Full “Time of Our Lives” Theme Song to be released on April 29th + New I DIDN’T DO IT Cast Promo Portrait!

[EDIT ON APRIL 29TH] It’s officially out on iTunes and Amazon.com now! This is what i’ve been waiting for, the full official release of the I Didn’t Do It Theme song! You’ve seen the opening credits and heard the short snippet of the song at the beginning of every episode. Now it’s time to hear […]

[INFO] Meet the I Didn’t Do It Cast on May 18th at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn!

Great news to share for all those in the States! @WaltDisneysBarn wants you to meet Austin North @AustinNorth55, Peyton Clark @Peytonpclark, Sarah Gilman @SarahBGilman & Piper Curda @pipercurda this coming May 18th! Here’s the chance for you to meet the cast of Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It up close and personal! Don’t miss out […]

[PROMO] *New* I Didn’t Do It Episode “Snow Problem” on April 6th, Trailers, Synopsis, Screencaps, Stills & Sneak Peek!

[Edited on April 10th] : Added screencaps from the episode to the gallery! [Edited on April 6th]: Added more candids of the cast on the set of Snow Problem! Did you manage to catch the episode tonight?   [Edited on March 30th]: I’ve posted the new sneak peek from the episode Snow Problem below! Disney Channel […]

[PROMO, CAPS & GIFS] New #IDIDNTDOIT Episode “Lindy-Licious” airing Sunday March 16th!

[Edit on March 17th] I’ve added the full episode screencaps for the episode “Lindy-licious” to the gallery! It was such a funny episode! Check it out below.  Buy & Watch on iTunes | #1 | #2  | View Episode Screencaps in Gallery There’s a new episode coming up this Sunday, March 16th titled “Lindy-licious” which we’ve […]

[OFFICIAL SITE] Disney Channel UK launched their I Didn’t Do It Site with TONS of new photos galore!

I’m in loooooooveeeeee with Disney Channel UK’s newest site for I DIDN’T DO IT as it has TONS of wonderful gorgeous photoshoot pictures of the cast!! I’m giddy seeing all these new photos of the lovely cast in their HQ galore. It’s waaaayyyyy better than the US site IMHO. Hehe…but i still love both. Check […]

[PROMO] S1EP04 I Didn’t Do It “Dear High School Self” Stills, Screencaps,Trailer, Sneak Peek + Gifs!

Updated on Feb 16th, 2014 @ 20:02 | Don’t forget to watch the fourth episode of I Didn’t Do It in an hour’s time! Watch on USTREAM if you are not from America and you want to watch the episode live together with the rest. — Published on Feb 12, 2014 @ 18:02 | There’ll be a […]

[PROMO] New I Didn’t Do It Episode 3 & 4 Stills +Video for “The New Guy” & “Dear High School Self!”

EEEPP. They’ve released new promotional stills from the upcoming episodes of I Didn’t Do It – “The New Guy” and  “Dear High School Self” which will be airing on Disney Channel on 9th & 16th February respectively. These are thumbnails for now, and hopefully the higher resolution versions will be released soon. Totally looking forward […]

[PROMO STILLS] I Didn’t Do It Cast Childhood photos + Watch Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station Episode tonight!

Check out these adorable and exclusive pics of the I Didn’t Do It cast from birthdays past thanks to JUSTJAREDJR.COM! In anticipation of the all-new episode tonight, Austin North, Olivia Holt, Piper Curda and Peyton Clark shared some memories with JJJ of their favorite birthday parties growing up. How cute were they?! In “Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station”, the five BFFs find themselves at […]