[SCANS] Austin North feature spread in Afterglow Magazine!

Check out these awesome photoshoot spread that Austin North did for AfterGlow Magazine for their April issue. It features the likes of Luke Benward aka Olivia Holt’s cute boyfriend, Ryan Newman, and more! I dig these chill photoshoot pics. Check it out below by clicking on the banner. Read the scans |  Check out the […]

[Scans] Austin North featured in April issue of Naked Magazine!

He teased fans with behind the scenes photos of his photoshoot on NKD Magazine before, and now, Austin North’s feature in the April Issue of the magazine is out now! Be sure to cop a copy for yourself. Check out some of the scans below or on his website. Read the Scans here  

[Interview] Disney Channel UK & Newsday chats with Olivia Holt on her new show I Didn’t Do It!

Disney Channel UK recently interviewed Olivia for their official website and check out the fun filled long interview below! Olivia Holt is the teenage star of the cool new Disney Channel comedy, I Didn’t Do It. What’s the show about? And where have we seen Olivia before? We catch up with the talented actress for […]

[Candids] Austin North at AfterGlow Magazine shoot

Previously, Olivia Holt was on the cover of AfterGlow Magazine  and this time round, it’s her “twin” Austin North‘s turn! Though I think it’s only for a feature spread in the magazine and not the cover, but still awesome nonetheless. Check out the candids of him behind the scenes of the AfterGlow Mag shoot below. More […]

[Mag Scans] Olivia Holt to release new music in March + After Glow Magazine Scans!

Great news for Olivia Holt fans! The singer/actress/kickasstress just announced on her facebook that she’ll be dropping some new tunes in March! So be sure to keep your ears peeled for some new tunes coming your way. [INFO] @olivia_holt releasing new music in March ~ http://t.co/VUFaMKwQVf pic.twitter.com/ScTE0kj2lX — I Didn't Do It 2ya (@IDidntDoIt2ya) February […]

[Articles] Starry Magazine Interviews Olivia Holt and Austin North and talks I Didn’t Do It, cast and more! + Austin North Interview with Young Adult Magazine

http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | Sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve just been hanging on Twitter and was unable to get online to make some proper updates. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more interviews and articles recently and here’s one with Starry Magazine with Austin North and Olivia Holt where they talk about I Didn’t Do It, […]

[Candids] Olivia Holt photoshoot behind the scenes for After Glow Magazine

Olivia Holt is busy these days appearing in magazine covers everywhere and this time round, she’ll be gracing the cover of AfterGlow Magazine for their February issue! Check out the lovely candids and sneak peeks behind her photoshoot below. Had the most fun at my @AfterglowMag cover shoot today. Here's a sneak peek! pic.twitter.com/VHJi4uJZBf — […]

[ARTICLES] NKD Magazine: 6 Reason’s Why I Didn’t Do It is not just a Kids Show + IDDI Fashion spotlighted on Zap2it

A couple of new articles featuring the cast of I Didn’t Do It’s fashion on the show by Zap2it as well as NKD magazine’s reasons why IDDI is not just a normal kids show.

[Article] Girls Life Magazine: 6 life lessons you’ll instantly learn from I Didnt Do It + Austin North Fashion&Style’s Disney Channel’s Hottie of 2014

Girl’s Life Magazine is really supporting Olivia Holt full force for I Didn’t Do IT after she graced their cover magazine for Feb/March issue 2014. There’s another article on the 6 life lessons you’ll instantly learn from I Didnt Do It on their site. Check out the article by clicking the banner below. Or read the article […]

[Candids & Scans] Piper Curda and Austin North “Long Day” on I Didn’t Do It Set + Austin and Peyton Clark “Hot Boys of 2014” in Kiss Magazine

3. DAYS. AWAY. EEP. The cast are still shooting for new episodes on the set of I Didn’t Do It eventho the premiere is just three days away. Love that they still keep fans updated daily on their happenings on the set. Check out this amusing shot of Piper Curda and Austin North having a […]