[Candids] Congratulations to Sarah Gilman on graduating High School!~

Being the only one out of the #IDIDNTDOIT Cast who’s attending normal High School, Sarah Gilman is due to graduate her High School this evening! She shared some fun candids and selfies of her and friends in their graduating gown as they rehearsed for the ceremony that’s due to happen in 2 hours.  Really proud of Sarah for her accomplishment cos I’ll bet that it’s not that easy being able to work/act full time and still go to normal high school on every other days. Here’s to a good graduation ceremony later and once again, a huge congratulations to Sarah for graduating and completing high school! Wishing her all the best of success on her future endeavours as she pursue her further education in College as well as continuing her acting in I Didn’t Do It!

graduation countdown: 5 HOURS 🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓

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COUNTDOWN: 2 HOURS 😬🎓#busbuddy #mailemurphy

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[VID + CAPS] Olivia Holt declares “Outside is In” in Disney’s Friends For Change initiative @CitizenDisney

Previously, Disney’s Friends for Change and Citizenship Disney teamed up with Olivia Holt to bring a new initiative where they encourage everyone to go Outside for a change and enjoy the outdoors and nature more. With the new slogan “Outside is In”, the new clip shows Olivia with a group of teens enjoying the lovely nature outdoors. Check out the video below along with screencaps in the gallery. You can also check out some of the behind-the-scenes candids of Olivia with fans while they filmed the commercial awhile ago.

Olivia Holt for Disney's Friends for Change2 copy


View Screencaps |  View Candids behind the scenes


[Candids Roundup] Peyton & the Clarks in Disneyland, Austin spicy wings challenge, Piper pal throwback, Olivia & lil bro slumber party, and Sarah camping hiatus.

Been a while since I did a candids roundup, so it’s long overdued. Anywho, since the cast are now well into their respective breaks, they’ve been out and about hanging with friends and siblings/family enjoying their much deserved rest.

First up, Peyton and his younger Clark siblings and mom spent their day in Disney Land enjoying the rides and taking photos with the Disney characters. Austin North was hanging out with his best buds, Luke Benward and Jordan Fisher, eating spicy wings. They even challenged each other to see if he could down 5 wings in 2 minutes lol. Guys.

Olivia Holt was spending time with her younger bro, Cade (man, the Holt’s sure have good looking genes) while Piper was as always, interacting with frans on twitter and shared a throwback photo with her old pal. Apparently, Sarah is away on camping, which explains her absence of tweets on Twitter for the past few days.

Check out all the candids below.

@themaleiasadha , Keegan, @peytonpclark

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I feel like I never post on here.

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Game. Over.

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Sisters by chance, friends by choice???

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[Photoshoot] Olivia Holt glamourous chic in Glamoholic Magazine Spread & talks I Didn’t Do It, Music, Fashion and more!

Awhile ago, Olivia Holt was at the Glamoholic studios for her feature spread in the magazine, and now they have just released the gorgeous photoshoot spread along with the articles. She talks about her role as Lindy Watson on I Didn’t Do It, her music and the Carry On music video, her choice of fashion styles and more! Check out the magazine spread by clicking on the banner below.

BoxfqJXCUAAVryp.jpg large

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[Candids] Behind the Scenes of Olivia Holt’s Total Girl Magazine photoshoot spread ~

Olivia Holt sure has countless of photoshoots for magazines and the likes coming out these days and another one that she did recently was for Total Girl Magazine. THey’ve released a behind-the-scenes video footage of her at their studios, showing off some of her gymnastic capabilities. Check out the video below along with some shots of her thanks to Olivia_holtFR!

Boscef5IcAA68_8.jpg large

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[Vid+ Gifs] Piper Curda, Sarah Gilman and Austin North share the soundtrack of their life ~

Shineon Media released some new footages of their interview with stars on the red carpet of Radio Disney Music Award and other events where they asked them which song would they choose to be the soundtrack of their life. Piper, Sarah and Austin shared their life tracks. Check it out below! Sarah’s answer revealed that her bias from One Direction is clearly Louis Tomlinson as she prefers any song of theirs where he gets to sing a lot lol. Just a like a regular One Directioner hehe…too cute.

We asked some of your favorite stars at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2014 & Ryan Newman’s sweet 16 what song would be on the soundtrack to their life. Find out what Calum Worthy, Luke Benward, Calum Worthy, Ryan Newman, Emily Osment & more had to say.




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[CANDIDS] Austin North visits Levine Children’s Hospital at Ryan Seacrest Foundation + Coca Cola Speedstreet Meet & Greet for Radio DIsney Live!

Austin North was busy bright and early on this Saturday morning after flying on a red eye flight as he visited Levine Children’s Hospital for Ryan Seacrest Foundation along with his first ever personal Meet & Greet session at 600 Speed Street for Radio Disney Live in North Carolina! Check out all the candids and fanpics of Austin below. He will again have another Meet & Greet session with at Charlotte Motor Speedway Fan Zone tomm 1-4pm.  

Austin north speedstreet radio disney live meet and gree2lt

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[VID + CAPS] Olivia Holt, Austin North, Piper Curda says “You’re watching Disney Channel!” Promo Bumper Identity

19 January 2014 | http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | This was a great big deal to the cast cos it actually made it a reality for them to know that they’re now officially a Disney star on the hottest and famous international channel, the Disney Channel Network! The cast are stoked to see their Disney Channel Identity Bumpers where they introduced themselves and used the wand to draw the Disney Channel Logo. There’s a video with a snippet of Olivia Holt‘s identity bumper with her pink wand, whereas a lower quality one of Piper Curda‘s with her green wand. Austin North tweeted screenshots of his with a blue wand too, but no video. Not sure yet which color wands are used for Peyton Clark’s and Sarah Gilman’s tho.


[EDIT] UPDATED this post on 25 January 2014 with photos of Sarah Gilman and Peyton Clark’s Wand IDs and a Low quality video of Sarah’s Thanks to Taylor on twitter! Check it out below.



[EDIT on May 21st 2014]] Replaced the low quality versions with a HD version thanks to DCBanners!

More below cut

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[INFO] *NEW* I Didn’t Do It Episodes Airing Dates, Episode Titles, Synopsis + Guest Stars! ~

We’ve got word of the airdates and episode titles for upcoming episodes of I Didn’t Do It . Do take note that these dates may change, and we will confirm again once we have a verified infor from Disney Channel. These are based on the TVlistings on Zap2it so it should be legit. OliviaDC32iddijiggying2

Updated on June 23rd 2014

Release Dates for Various Countries:

Edit on April 19th 2014

New Episodes on Disney Channel on Disney Channel ch-302/303 & 1302 (HD)! Fraternal twins Lindy and Logan Watson and their BFFs, Jasmine, Delia and Garrett have been friends since early childhood and are a thousand times better at getting into trouble than they are at getting out of it. Every episode begins with them trying to explain their way out of some bizarre situation – like a flooded basement that they’re charging kids to swim in, or we find them dangling upside down on the school stage, hanging from the rafters and tied to sandbags, as sets fall like dominoes behind them during opening night of the school play. No matter what kind of mischief they get into, these friends are there for each other no matter what.

 Season 1· 2013 – 2014


*UPDATED ON 22 May 2014*

Air Date

Lindy Nose Best  TBC
It Came from Canada!  July 27th
About a Pumpkin (20)/ Next of Pumpkin TBC
Twin it to Win ItOriginal Series – Episode Premiere
I Didn’t Do It Twin It To Win It”
(8:30 PM – 9:00PM ET/PT)
Lindy and Logan try to earn money by participating in a twin telepathy study, but things get out of hand when Logan enlists Garrett to help him rig the results.

Original Series – Episode Premiere
I Didn’t Do It Earth Boys are Icky”
**Part of Disney Channel’s “Out of This World” weekend
(8:30 PM – 9:00PM ET/PT)
Delia is convinced boys on earth are too ordinary for her and creates a strange device, partly developed by NASA, to communicate with outer space and attract an extraterrestrial boyfriend. Meanwhile, Logan finds himself in an even weirder relationship when he discovers his new girlfriend Danica is the vice principal’s daughter.
Guest starring Savannah Lathem as Danica

 July 13th

July 27th

Ball or Nothing (18)  TBC
Logan’s Run (17)  TBC
Merry Miss Sis (16) TBC
In the Doghouse with the White House (13)A school trip to Washington, D.C. lands the kids in trouble with the White House when the First Dog is stolen and the five pals are at the center of the investigation. June 22nd
Bad News (12) TBC
Bicycle Thief (11) TBC
Presidential Exposé (10) TBC
The Phone Challenge (9)When Logan’s cell phone dies from a smoothie accident, he starts to freak out. To show their support and that they can survive without their phones, the friends make a group pact to give up their cell phones for 72 hours.
Larry Joe Campbell (“According to Jim”) guest stars as Neighborhood Watch Doug.
June 29th
Now Museum, Now You Don’t (8)Logan and Lindy’s sibling rivalry gets heated when they both land jobs at the Chicago Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Delia is convinced she is a decedent of Nefertiti and recruits Jasmine and Garrett to help her collect a DNA sample from the mummy exhibit.
Guest starring Beth Grant (“The Mindy Project”) as Museum Director Judy Tanzer-Dinkins
May 4th
Dance Fever (14)While most of the gang is preoccupied with their dates to the school dance, Lindy is busy dodging her arch nemesis, Sherri, and her wild attempts to achieve the school’s perfect attendance record. April 13th
Snow Problem (7)When Logan finds a great “cheap-on” coupon rate for a ski chalet, the five pals head to the slopes but soon discover why the cabin was such a steal. April 6th
If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout (6)When Jasmine and Logan invent a spray that makes vegetables taste even more delicious, the five pals get a chance to put their entrepreneur skills to the test. March 9th
Lindy-licious (5)When Lindy’s smoothie creation makes it to the Rumblejuice menu, she sets out to make her drink a bigger splash in Chicago. Meanwhile, Garrett goes undercover to solve a popcorn conspiracy at their neighborhood movie theater. March 16th
Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station (4) #104 Sunday, January 26thFor moral support, Lindy accompanies Delia on a job interview and The close-knit pals find themselves at their favorite childhood party station covered in spaghetti sauce. January 26th
The New Guy (3) #102 Sunday, February 9 Original Series – Episode Premiere I Didn’t Do It “The New Guy” (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT) When the five pals realize their mistake in befriending the new guy in school, they search for ways to “break up” with him. TV-G February 9th
Dear High School Self (2) #103 Sunday, February 16 Original Series – Episode Premiere I Didn’t Do It “Dear High School Self” (9:00 PM – 9:30 PM ET/PT) A letter Lindy wrote in third grade sends her brother and their friends on a wild hunt. TV-G February 16th
The Pilot #101 S01, E01(First Aired: January 17, 2014)Lindy and Logan explain to their parents why their home is covered in foam, how a goat got into their living room and what happened to Mrs. Klasby, their 91-year-old babysitter. January 17th

Source: http://www.nickandmore.com/2014/01/22/disney-channels-february-2014-programming-highlights/ Release Dates for Various Countries:

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