[Candids+Fancam] Peyton Clark performed at NYC Digifest 2014 with sister Acacia Brinley

While his IDDI costars meet cancer stricken children at the City of Hope, Mr Peyton Clark was in New York City for the NYC Digifest Digitour 2014 where he was set to perform with his sister, Acacia Brinley at the event! There were tons of fanpics and candids shared by various magazines who were covering the event. Check them all out below. Peyton tweeted some funny photos of him snacking on FifthHarmony’s chips when they were sent to the girls’ hotel room by mistake lol. Hopefully he didnt incur the wrath of the Harmonizers haha…. peytonclarkatdigifest


[🎥] Watch Clark’s sibs @peytonpclark @AcaciaBrinley performing at #DigifestNYC soon now! http://bit.ly/WatchDigiFest

Acacia and Peyton✖️💜✌️

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[Candids] Austin North, Sarah Gilman and Piper Curda at City of Hope Children’s Hospital Pediatric Picnic 2014

When Mrs North tweeted that she and Austin were going to be visiting Cancer children’s hospital, we thought it’s just the two of them. But lo and behold, Sarah Gilman then shared that she and her “homies” were going to spend the day Meeting and Greeting with fans and children at the City of Hope Children’s Hospital! This is for the City of Hope Children’s Hospital Pediatric Picnic 2014. And her homies are none other than her IDDI costars Piper Curda and Austin North! There’s not much fantaken photos, but here are some candids shared by the trio during their Meet & greet today.

pippiphooray1 4 hours ago Golf carts make us feel some type of way.

4 hours ago
Golf carts make us feel some type of way.


marcobarraliftss 36 minutes ago Here with my beautiful cousin carito at City Of Hope. Supporting her and loving her everyday!! Plus Austin North, Piper Curda, and Sarah Gilman from the show “I Didn’t Do It” came to see her.!! And last but not least Mike Myers from “Austin Powers”!! Yeah baby!! Lol #COH #hospital #beating #cancer #cousin #beautiful #prayforher


Sarah Gilman @sarahbgilman · 4h these munchies make me feel blessed. #cityofhope

More below the cut.

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[Candids] Sarah Gilman #Takeastand & Attended the 2014 Special Olympics Summer Games Invitational in USC LA

Sarah Gilman shared her excitement yesterday that she would be attending the opening ceremony for The 2014 Special Olympics Summer Games Invitational in LA (since she’s attending USC for College for the next four years) and she posted some candids of her at the event all bright and cheery this morning! Glad to see the I Didn’t Do it cast participating in various great causes and giving back to the community in ways they can.

I can’t wait to tomorrow at the Special Olympics LA Invitational! It’s going to be so fun meeting the athletes!

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[Candids] Olivia Holt in Colorado Springs for Radio Disney Live Meet & Greet

Olivia Holt was in Colorado Springs as previous informed for the Radio Disney Live Meet & Greet! She had an impromptu photoshoot outside the venue ahead of her appearance and we’ve got some candids to share below thanks to JustJaredJr. Koinkidinkally, Olivia had her photoshoot at the exact same place that Austin had his. Twinsies indeed. Check them all out below. She also uploaded a gorgeous new profile photo on her Twitter from her photoshoot.

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Holt grabs a frozen drink before taking part in a photo shoot in Los Angeles

Olivia Holt in Colorado SPrings – photoshoot before Meet & Greet for Radio Disney Live


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[Candids Roundup] Sarah Summer fun, Piper with Sabrina Carpenter & Rowan Blanchard, Austin & Jordan Fisher Maleficent Movie Night, Olivia & fans at BGrill

Hope it has been a great week for you and an even greater weekend to look forward ahead! The I Didn’t Do It cast were all out and about enjoying their summers and here’s a round up of what they’ve been up to for the past week!

i didnt do it cast candids

Starting with Sarah Gilman, she recently shared an instavid of a float…floating in the pool….letting us know that she spent her day under the sun lounging in the waters! A while back, she was at the library….checking out some cool reads. Great way to spend the summer indeed. 🙂 Randomly, she sneaked in a photo of Karan Brar, doing his school work.

Austin North was also spending his days with the water, and getting some sun at the beach. He shared a photo of him with his surfboard and the next night, he had a movie outing with his best pal, Jordan Fisher as they caught the latest Angelina Jolie Disney flick, Maleficent. A fan also managed to catch a photo with him out and about.

Speaking of fans, Olivia Holt was recently spotted today in front of BGrill in casual wear (jeans and white tee) and her long golden locks. She also shared a photo of what her mom got for her, an entire row of Ketchup in potted plants, lol. She sure is obsessed with Ketchup. Also, she posted a selfie of her with her former Kickin It co-star, Leo Howard. Not sure where it was taken at though, maybe they were just hanging out together.

And talking about Hanging Out, The DIsney Channel stars were probably hanging out together earlier this week for some photoshoot for Disney cos Piper Curda shared some shots of her with Girl Meets World stars – Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard on the set of their photoshoot. Adorable girls! And that sparked a helluva long conversation between Piper, Sabrina, Bradley Steven Perry, Jake Short, Austin and Rowan. Crazy kids lol.

And on the topic of adorable girls, Riley Curda, Piper’s sis posted a throwback photo of them as kids in matching frocks and lack of hair haha…

Check them all out below.

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[VIDEO+CANDIDS+CAPS] Disney 365: Piper Curda and Austin North at Walt Disney World’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

We’ve been hoping that the video was released soon and lo & behold, Disney Parks granted our wish! They’ve officially released the video of Piper Curda and Austin North talking to Disney 365 as they visit the new ride at Walt Disney World for the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train Ride! Fans have been tweeting the stars for the past few days saying that they’ve been seeing Piper and Austin on Disney Channel, and now you’ll get to see the full clip!

image~249View Candids of Piper & Austin | View Video | View Screencaps

Piper Curda Austin North walt disney world mine traine copy

Piper Curda and Austin North, from Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It, experience Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! The newest attraction and crown jewel of New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World!

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[Candids] Peyton Clark visits Bop & TigerBeat Magazine’s Office + Released some new Headshots

Peyton Clark dropped by Tigerbeat and Bop Magazine’s office for the first time and hopefully we’ll get to see his interviews and features soon in the upcoming issues! The mag shared some candids of Peyton in their office, where he was rocking a wickedly awesome Darth Vader tee and showed off his drawing skills.

Peyton’s dad, Mr Rich Clark is a professional photographer and he shared some new headshots of Peyton as well as a unique one of him chasing birds along the beach lol! His dad’s caption is hilarious.

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[Candids & Vid] Piper Curda & Curda Clan fam live on Steve O’s Unplugged AV Radio Show

Piper Curda and her talented siblings aka the Curda Clan (consisting of her sister Riley, Brother Major and two younger sibs, Saylor and Glory) were invited to perform live on the AVRadio – Veteran’s Radio Channel for the American Veterans Radio Presents Unplugged at Steve O’s Place Live with The Curda Clan on Saturday, 31st May and they sang their beautiful heartfelt single from their EP album! Piper also released an exclusive new single, Letting Go live on air during the show. Alas, I couldn’t manage to record the entire interview cos I was away, but thankfully, the AVRadio uploaded their entire appearance on their website! Listen to their interview below! I’ve added some candids of the Curda’s thanks to @piper_fan.

Curdaclan unplugged small



Check out the vine posted by Piper while they were performing on the show. Btw, congrats to Piper for getting her license!!

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[Candids&Interview] Olivia Holt, Austin North and Other Stars attends Ryan Ochoa’s Swagged Out 18th Birthday Bash!

Olivia Holt and Austin North attended fellow young star Ryan Ochoa‘s Swagged Out 18th Birthday this evening with other stars such as Madison Pettis, Alli Simpson, Paris Berelc and more! [edit] Apparently Austin was there too! She looks great in her outfit and looks like they had tons of fun dancing!~  Check out all the candids below.

Ryan Ochoa''s Swagged Out 18th Birthday Party

@olivia_holt was stylish & ready to rock at #ryanochoa #18thbirthday #oliviaholt

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So much fun last night with these loves❤️ #swag

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More tweets and candids below cut.

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[Candids Roundup] Austin & Lauren performed at 1st Annual Oakchella #OPIS + Olivia Holt @BrunoMars Con + Piper Curda & fam live on AV Radio

On May 31st, Austin North and his sister Lauren North along with McCLAIN sisters and other young starlets performed at the 1st Ever Annual Oakchella at their Oak Park High School Auditorium. Mrs North tweeted and shared some photos of the siblings of their performance on the show.

I had so much fun performing with @austinnorth55 tonight. Love you. #theNorthduo

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