[Candids] I Didn’t Do It Cast reunited at Ben&Jerry’s & met fans out & about! ~

Earlier this week, Peyton shared with us that he and Piper would be appearing on Radio Disney on air for an interview, but because he wasn’t sure whether it would be live or recorded, we didn’t tweet it out yet. Nevertheless, the radio disney interview recording still went on, so we assumed Piper and Peyton were hanging out on Thursday. But then Lo and Behold, Mrs North tweeted how she, to quote:

Basically spent my last 2 hrs laughing at Oh & eating a lollipop gave me

And when we asked if the cast were hanging out together, she gave this teasing reply:

maybe we were maybe we aren’t maybe they are maybe I’m not 🙂

And then, the selfies and photos started streaming in courtesy of Sarah where she shared what a “hot mess” Piper were lol. And apparently the entire cast WERE indeed together and tons of fans met them as they were out and about! Check out the whole slew of photos and selfies below or in the gallery!

hawwwt mess.

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I literally cannot leave my phone unattended for more than five seconds around these goofballs. They kept taking photos even after I caught them.


I didn’t do it cast with fans at Ben and Jerry’s on June 12th 2014 | View More Candids here

hawwwt mess.

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on

The IDDI cast with a fan

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2 days ago

Omg just met the crew of I didn’t do it!😃


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