[Candids+Fancam] Peyton Clark performed at NYC Digifest 2014 with sister Acacia Brinley

While his IDDI costars meet cancer stricken children at the City of Hope, Mr Peyton Clark was in New York City for the NYC Digifest Digitour 2014 where he was set to perform with his sister, Acacia Brinley at the event! There were tons of fanpics and candids shared by various magazines who were covering the event. Check them all out below. Peyton tweeted some funny photos of him snacking on FifthHarmony’s chips when they were sent to the girls’ hotel room by mistake lol. Hopefully he didnt incur the wrath of the Harmonizers haha…. peytonclarkatdigifest


[🎥] Watch Clark’s sibs @peytonpclark @AcaciaBrinley performing at #DigifestNYC soon now! http://bit.ly/WatchDigiFest

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Acacia and Peyton✖️💜✌️

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