[Candids & Vid] Piper Curda & Curda Clan fam live on Steve O’s Unplugged AV Radio Show

Piper Curda and her talented siblings aka the Curda Clan (consisting of her sister Riley, Brother Major and two younger sibs, Saylor and Glory) were invited to perform live on the AVRadio – Veteran’s Radio Channel for the American Veterans Radio Presents Unplugged at Steve O’s Place Live with The Curda Clan on Saturday, 31st May and they sang their beautiful heartfelt single from their EP album! Piper also released an exclusive new single, Letting Go live on air during the show. Alas, I couldn’t manage to record the entire interview cos I was away, but thankfully, the AVRadio uploaded their entire appearance on their website! Listen to their interview below! I’ve added some candids of the Curda’s thanks to @piper_fan.

Curdaclan unplugged small



Check out the vine posted by Piper while they were performing on the show. Btw, congrats to Piper for getting her license!!




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