[Candids Roundup] Peyton & the Clarks in Disneyland, Austin spicy wings challenge, Piper pal throwback, Olivia & lil bro slumber party, and Sarah camping hiatus.

Been a while since I did a candids roundup, so it’s long overdued. Anywho, since the cast are now well into their respective breaks, they’ve been out and about hanging with friends and siblings/family enjoying their much deserved rest.

First up, Peyton and his younger Clark siblings and mom spent their day in Disney Land enjoying the rides and taking photos with the Disney characters. Austin North was hanging out with his best buds, Luke Benward and Jordan Fisher, eating spicy wings. They even challenged each other to see if he could down 5 wings in 2 minutes lol. Guys.

Olivia Holt was spending time with her younger bro, Cade (man, the Holt’s sure have good looking genes) while Piper was as always, interacting with frans on twitter and shared a throwback photo with her old pal. Apparently, Sarah is away on camping, which explains her absence of tweets on Twitter for the past few days.

Check out all the candids below.

@themaleiasadha , Keegan, @peytonpclark

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I feel like I never post on here.

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Game. Over.

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Sisters by chance, friends by choice???

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Game. Over.

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