[VID + CAPS] Olivia Holt, Austin North, Piper Curda says “You’re watching Disney Channel!” Promo Bumper Identity

19 January 2014 | http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | This was a great big deal to the cast cos it actually made it a reality for them to know that they’re now officially a Disney star on the hottest and famous international channel, the Disney Channel Network! The cast are stoked to see their Disney Channel Identity Bumpers where they introduced themselves and used the wand to draw the Disney Channel Logo. There’s a video with a snippet of Olivia Holt‘s identity bumper with her pink wand, whereas a lower quality one of Piper Curda‘s with her green wand. Austin North tweeted screenshots of his with a blue wand too, but no video. Not sure yet which color wands are used for Peyton Clark’s and Sarah Gilman’s tho.


[EDIT] UPDATED this post on 25 January 2014 with photos of Sarah Gilman and Peyton Clark’s Wand IDs and a Low quality video of Sarah’s Thanks to Taylor on twitter! Check it out below.



[EDIT on May 21st 2014]] Replaced the low quality versions with a HD version thanks to DCBanners!

More below cut



Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image



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