[Candids] Austin North, Piper Curda on Good Morning America with Peyton List and Skai Jackson + NY Trip! ~

On May 15th, Piper Curda and Austin North, along with fellow Disney Stars, Peyton List and Skai Jackson, made a pit stop on the set of Good Morning America to promote something related to sports/fitness/health looking at the outfits that they were wearing. Wonder if it’s for a new segment for Disney Channel, like Disney Friends for Change. Looking forward to their appearance on one of the upcoming episodes of GMA!

They also dropped by the offices of Seventeen Magazine, Twist Mag, MMag and more while they were in New York, promoting I Didn’t Do It. Check out all the tweets below the cut.

Piper Curda Austin North Good Morning America Twist MMag Seventeen New York

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Austin North’s Tweets


A post shared by Austin North (@austinnorth55) on

NYC, what is it aboutchya.

A post shared by Piper Curda (@pippiphooray1) on

Apparently she likes cheesecake more than me… @pippiphooray1

A post shared by RILEY (@rilage) on






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