[Candids] Austin & Mama Karen North, Piper & Sis Riley Curda Wet & Wild at Walt Disney World Florida!

While Olivia’s having fun feeding Giraffe’s in the land Down under, her co-stars twin Austin North and Piper Curda flew to Florida with their Mom and sister (respectively) to the Wonderful World of Walt Disney! The awesome foursomes spent an exhausting long day having fun getting wet and wild on the rides and have shared with fans tons of candids of their day. Even Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry were there with them. Check them all out below.

Great to see the IDDI castmates hanging out with each other and travelling together even when they’re not working! Piper knows that there are tons ofΒ  Paustin fans aka shippers for Piper/Austin, so she’s posted some candids of the twosome on her instagram. πŸ˜‰ Even Peyton got in the fun and teased them by commenting “Date” on one of the photos. LOL. I still ship Piper and Peyton. Hehe…

Piper austin disney world



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