[INTERVIEW & CAPS] Fanlala TV talks to the I Didn’t Do It cast on Season 1 and potentially Season 2! ~

FanLala TV  recently caught up with the I Didn’t Do It cast and to quote:

had such a great time speaking with them. They gave us some insight on what it is like to work together, and went in depth about what they think of their own character. We also got some scoop on if there will be a second season.. We absolutely hope they announce a second season soon! We need more of ‘I Didn’t Do It!’ Take a look at the video and let us know what your favorite episode has been so far! 

i didntdoit cast fanlala copy

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We are pretty sure everyone has become a fan of Disney Channel’s ‘I Didn’t Do It’ because it is such an awesome show! Olivia Holt and Austin North playing twins is absolutely priceless, and having best friends like Piper CurdaPeyton Clark and Sarah Gilman along this journey is what makes the show ooze with comedy! All viewers can relate to this show because the characters are so down to earth and real that you can’t help but want to be part of their fun adventures that usually begin with some crazy situation.


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