[Candids] Austin North played in the Hollywood Knights Celebrity Charity Game with Jake Short, Alyson Stoner, Jeremy Sumpter and more!

Yesterday, Austin North together with a whole slew of other celebrities from the likes of Jeremy Sumpter, Alyson Stoner, Jake Short, played for the Hollywood Knight’s Celebrity Basketball team to raise funds for  Corona High School! Unfortunately, they lost but it was not a lost cause as they managed to raise funds for the school which is essentially what matters! Here’s a round up of all the candids of Austin with fans at the game.

austinnorthhollywoodknightsmall copy


More below cut



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Let's go team! #HollywoodKnights

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7 hours ago

Tonight was so turnt up! We actually had a fun event at Corona High! They’ve been doing good with events lately! Alyson Stone is the nicest, sweetest and down to earth person! Ahhhh I can’t believe I met her! Austin North is fine as hell and I have no problem admitting that! That were all really nice tho tbh!


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