[Photos] Austin North attends the @CartoonNetwork Hall of Game Awards Event + Interview with @TVGoodness

As previously shared, Austin North attended the taping of The 2014 Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards which will premiere on Monday, February 17 at Cartoon Network! Here are some of the press photos of Austin from the event today.

austin north and bella thorne copy

Hall Of Game Awards

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Hall of Game Awards. @austinnorth55 @bellathorne

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Plus, there’s a new interview with Austin North done with TVGoodness. Check it out below.

Imagine being a junior in high school and starring in your own show. Well Austin North doesn’t have to imagine it, this is his life. Austin stars on the new Disney show, I Didn’t Do It. This talented 17 year old is living his dream and having a great time. He talked to TV Goodness about his TV character, his musical skills, and success at a young age.

TV GOODNESS:  Tell me a little bit about the show and about your character.

AUSTIN NORTH:  I play Logan on I Didn’t Do It. Logan has a twin sister Lindy and they have three best friends.  And they’re all entering high school, they’re all freshmen. And they are always getting into these crazy situations and they have to figure out a way to get out of them on every single episode. All our characters are very diverse and somehow we click and we’ve been best friends forever. It’s a fun show.

TV GOODNESS:  Talk about working with your on-screen twin, your co-star, Olivia Holt.

AUSTIN: Olivia’s great. I first met her on Kickin’ It, like three years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. So we established a brother/sister relationship over time. Yeah, Logan and Lindy’s relationship — they’re like every brother and sister relationship; they argue sometimes but it’s funny how deep down they love each other. I have a sister and it’s very similar to having a twin.

Read More: http://www.tvgoodness.com/2014/02/15/exclusive-tv-goodness-qa-disney-channels-austin-north-i-didnt-do-it/


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