[Candids] Austin North, Sarah Gilman and Peyton Clark with Mick aka Stan from Dog with a Blog! ~ + Olivia Nails

Apparently, the cast of I Didn’t Do It either visited or were visited by Mick, aka Stan from the Disney Channel series, Dog with a Blog and they took individual candids with him. Only Olivia and Piper did not share a candid with Mick. Olivia hung out with her sister for a nail good time though! And Piper shared a shot of her outfit on set.

met Mick (Stan in Dog With A Blog) today! he wouldn't stop talking... #sunny 🐶🐶

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on

Ma homie Mick

A post shared by Austin North (@austinnorth55) on

Mick (Stan from DWAB) came to our set today! The sun was kinda in his eyes, but he's still pretty adorable.

A post shared by Peyton Clark (@peytonpclark) on

Getting Chick-fil-A after a rough ending to a day. Before you freak out, I'm in the passenger seat.

A post shared by Peyton Clark (@peytonpclark) on

• Jasmine •

A post shared by Piper Curda (@pippiphooray1) on

See below for candids from previous days which I missed.



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