[Candids] Olivia Holt with Kelli Berglund at Disneyland, Piper Curda & Sarah Gilman Puppy Chow sleepover, Peyton and pal dinner and Austin with fans!

Sorry for not updating the past couple of days, didn’t have time with the computer to do a proper update. Anywho, the I Didn’t Do It cast were pretty busy on Friday and Saturday, doing all sorts of activities. On Saturday, they were out having fun with their respective friends! Olivia Holt were out at Disneyland celebrating her close friend, Kelli Berglund‘s birthday along with her sister and their parents. Sarah and Piper apparently is having a sleepover at Sarah’s house and they’re still up as I’m typing this. Austin were spotted out and about and a couple of fans managed to get a photo with him. Peyton was hanging out with his close friend, Brittni playing Pokemon. Check out all the candids below!


Check out all their tweets below the cut.

Butt face came to visit.;) @olivia_holt

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