[Candids] Crazy T-Shirt Day on I Didn’t Do It Set! + Nuts for Donuts ~

The Cast of I Didn’t Do It sure have fun on the set of their show as they always come up with fun-filled ideas and activities to brighten up the cast and crew. Previously, they had an impromptu jammies day on set where they came to work in their night clothes. This time round, it’s Crazy T-Shirt day! Check out their candids and the fun photoshoot they had on set today, lining up to have their mug shots taken.

pajamasetday copyfunphotoshootday copy

It all started with selfies of donuts from Krispy Kreme and followed by their slew of mugshots in their crazy tees!


 Check out their tweets under the cut.

Watson basement pt. 2. #IDDI

A post shared by Piper Curda (@pippiphooray1) on


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Crazy t-shirt day on set. I LOVE this cast! #Ididntdoit

A post shared by Wendy Faraone (@wendyfaraone) on

Crazy T-shirt day. Got weird.

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getting ready for valentines day ❤️

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