[Candids] I Didn’t Do It Cast & their weekly routine schedule on Set + Olivia & Piper “I’m Yours” acoustic guitar + Olivia Holt back on Kickin It Set! ~

Heyo, hope your week has been going great! It’s yet another day of filming on the I Didn’t Do It Set and we’ve got another bunch of daily candids on set shared by the wonderful cast. By the way, if you’re curious on what the cast does every week while they’re on set, Austin North has shared the info with Musichel below in his recent interview with the site.

What’s your typical work week like for you?
is our table read for a new episode, then Olivia and I also do a lot of school. Thursdays is school and rehearsals. Friday is school, rehearsals and network run-through. Mondays and Tuesdays we shoot. Then we start over again. 

Read more of his interview with Musichel here



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Looks like Olivia Holt will be guest starring in an episode of Kickin It Season 4 as well! She was spotted taking candids with guest star – Eden Wood today on the bowling alley set. She also posted a new photo on her instagram with former KI Co-star, Leo Howard and their make up artist, calling them some of her favorite things. I’m sure Kick fans are overjoyed seeing this!



More below cut.


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