[Articles] Starry Magazine Interviews Olivia Holt and Austin North and talks I Didn’t Do It, cast and more! + Austin North Interview with Young Adult Magazine

http://ididntdoit.2ya.com | Sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve just been hanging on Twitter and was unable to get online to make some proper updates. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more interviews and articles recently and here’s one with Starry Magazine with Austin North and Olivia Holt where they talk about I Didn’t Do It, working with each other and what to look forward to in the upcoming episodes! Hopefully there’ll be some interviews with Sarah Gilman, Piper Curda and Peyton Clark too in future.

olivia holt interview Starry Maglogan starry mag interview

Read More – Interview with Olivia Holt | Read more – Interview with Austin North


Austin North was also interviewed by Young Adult Magazine where he talks about his character Logan Watson and all the crazy shenanigans that they have to do on the set of I Didn’t Do It. Read the interview/ or listen to the audio below by clicking on the image.

Austin North YOung Adult Mag

Check out the tweets below the cut.


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