Happy Sweet&Sassy One-Eight Birthday to Sarah Gilman aka the adorkable quirky “Delia” on Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It!!

It’s January 18th, the day after the awesome pilot premiere of I Didn’t Do It on Disney Channel and it’s also the wonderful day for Ms Sarah B Gilman cos it’s her 18th BIRTHDAY!!! She sure doesn’t even look 18 cos her face looks so much younger! Ahh the fountain of youth, hehe. Wishing Sarah a wonderful memorable 18th birthday with her loved ones and hopefully tonight they could have a birthday party or something with the whole cast of IDDI and maybe a special ginger head guy from Austin and Ally would be there to make it even more memorable!


Check out some of the wishes from her cast and co-stars and be sure to follow her on Twitter @SarahBGilan and Instagram @Gillygillamonster for daily updates!!


A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on


A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on


More tweets and wishes below the cut!


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