[Article] Girls Life Magazine: 6 life lessons you’ll instantly learn from I Didnt Do It + Austin North Fashion&Style’s Disney Channel’s Hottie of 2014

Girl’s Life Magazine is really supporting Olivia Holt full force for I Didn’t Do IT after she graced their cover magazine for Feb/March issue 2014. There’s another article on the 6 life lessons you’ll instantly learn from I Didnt Do It on their site. Check out the article by clicking the banner below.


Or read the article below the cut.


Austin North sure is catching lots of eyes recently cos now he’s being dubbed the Disney Channel Hottie of 2014 by Fashion&Style Site!


It’s a big week for GL’s cover girl Olivia Holt. Her new show I Didn’t Do Itpremieres on Disney Channel this Friday, Jan. 17, after all.

Why is it going to be great? For starters, the ending of the episode is actually at the beginning and we watch as twins Lindy (Olivia Holt) and Logan (Austin North), with the help of their friends, attempt to prove that whatever happened wasn’t their fault! From goats in the living room to throwing a party they weren’t supposed to, this gaggle of pals is always up to something.

Excited for the new show, we figured we’d check out the premiere episode before it hits TV. And after watching it, we were inspired to make a list of things we hope not to do in real life—things that this stellar bunch of hilarious characters have already attempted.

1. Don’t hang out with unattended farm animals

Don’t get us wrong: We love hitting up the petting zoo for some adorable animal face time. Bringing one as a date to the first party of the school year, however? Not so much.

2. Don’t throw a party when our parents aren’t home

Having a party is super fun, but never do so without your parents’ permission. Lindy and Logan find that out fast!

3. Don’t fight over a cat

Sure, siblings can be annoying, but it’s never worth getting into an argument over a cute cat (or any household pet for that matter).

4. Don’t wear heels on the first day of class

While adorable in theory, we have to say that wearing heels on the first day of school is a major “ouch” factor. We suggest learning your way around the halls first before busting out kicks with a slight heel to give ya the look you want without overdoing it.

5. Don’t have a major first day meltdown 

Sure, the first day of school can be scary, but don’t let the little things like where to sit at lunch get the best of you. As long as you’re with your buds, nothing can go wrong.

6. Don’t fight over boys

So you and your BFF spot the same cutie while in line for lunch? Before you two start fighting for his attention, remember that friends are much more important than any dude (no matter how cute he is!).

Be sure to watch the premiere of I Didn’t Do It this Friday, Jan. 17 at 9:40 p.m. ET/PT (right after the premiere of Cloud 9) on Disney Channel.


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