[Interview] Austin North talks about Olivia Holt and I Didn’t Do It + Piper Curda on Photoshoot set + Sarah Gilman’s Cat sound

BSCKids did a new interview with Austin North in which he talks about Olivia Holt, I Didn’t Do it and more! Along with it comes a suhweet new headshot of him. Check out the interview below.

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Photo Credit: Jared Thomas Kocka Photography

BSCkids had the exciting opportunity to talk with rising star Austin North about his upcoming series, “I Didn’t Do It” on the Disney Channel!

Austin North is taking the Disney Channel by storm! The talented 17-year-old actor has appeared on several hit shows such as  ”Kickin’ It,” “A.N.T. Farm,” “See Dad Run,” and “General Hospital.” Now he is getting to star in a new series called “I Didn’t Do It”  alongside Olivia Holt which is set to premiere January 17, 2014.

North is a talented drummer who also excels in several sports including basketball which is his favorite. He is a car enthusiast, enjoys surfing, snowboarding and spending time with his family, friends and his dogs. Fitness and eating right is a huge part of North’s life, who is dedicated to staying fit. He hopes to have opportunities to encourage other youth to build & maintain a healthy lifestyle, while still being able to be a kid! One of his goals is to be a positive influence & encourage his fans to work hard and follow their dreams.

BSCkids: Austin North



Also, there’s a candid of Piper Curda together with the talent agents from CESD on the I Didn’t Do It photoshoot session they had yesterday.

Plus, remember the cat conversation Sarah Gilman did on the radio disney interview a while back??? Well, i’ve extracted the clip for those who missed it and you can even download it to use as your ringtone! Her voice is just catiliciously cute!




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