[Tweets Roundup] Watch Austin & Lauren North’s cover of Counting Stars + Peyton Clark with kitties + Sarah Gilman at Rose Parade + Gorgeous Olivia Holt Selfies

It’s been an exciting First January of 2014 as the cast of I Didn’t Do It seem pretty active on Twitter today!

First up, the anticipated new duet cover by Austin & Lauren (North) has been released and they covered One Republic Counting Stars! Check out the lovely duet cover below! Austin accompanies his sister’s enchanting singing on the drums.

Thanks to his sweet girlfriend Brittni, there’s some new candids of what’s happening in the world of Peyton Clark, and here’s a shot of him with kitties!

Looks like Sarah (Gilman) was also spotted hanging out with the Clarks (Acacia Brinley) at the Rose Parade and here are some lovely candids of them shared at the festival with beautiful colored roses in their hair.

Rose Parade buddy = @acaciabrinley 🌹🌹

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on


Olivia (Holt) also shared this gorgeous selfie of herself in the new year!


Piper (Curda) was sharing some insightful quotes on her twitter this New Year and sharing some NY humour….



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