[Funfacts] #IDidntDoIt Cast back on set on Thursday! + Summary of funfacts learnt about Sarah Gilman from her #AskSarah session 31122013

Hope you’re having a great Monday so far! If you have missed the two hours session of #AskSarah earlier, don’t fret! Cos her answers are all on her twitter @SarahBGilman! 


I have also made things easier by summarizing the funfacts that you learn from her Question & Answer session below.

By the way, awesome news! Sarah shared that the cast of I Didn’tDo It will be back on IDDI set this Thursday, the day after New Year 2014!

Here’s a list of funfacts from her #AskSarah session. Phew….this was quite a fair bit to summarize from haha… she really answered a TON of questions. I’ll prob do Piper’s next though it might take a while cos she has also replied a million of people hehe…

On her IDDI Castmates, IDDI and her character Delia:

  • Favorite memory of the cast of #IDDI: “When we saw the first #IDDI trailer come out and @olivia_holt tripped over @pipercurda HAHAHAHA”
  • On playing Delia on IDDI: “It’s so much fun!!! It’s like playing myself on a tv show :P”
  • On Piper Curda: “I ❤ Pipes! I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, but she’s feisty and a loyal friend. I ❤ that girl!!”
  • Fav Delia outfit: “Delia has this long-sleeved panda shirt. Put that in any outfit and its my favorite. OH and her maroon Doc Martens <3”
  • On her character Delia: “she’s crazy and fun. you never know what she will say next which makes her really fun. nothing is weird for Delia. unexpected”
  • Fav video game to play with Peyton Clark: COD BLACK OPS 2 Zombies
  • On Olivia Holt: “this is gonna sound cheesy but its sooo true, LIV is beautiful inside and out. I know I can tell her anything <3″
  • One word to describe Olivia Holt: “i can’t define liv in 140 characters but i can say she’s one of my best friends and i love her.”
  • One word to describe Austin North: “dreamy. HAHHAHAHAHAHA”
  • On what it’s like working with Piper and Olivia: “its like going to a party every day! they are perfect!! I love those lovely girls ❤ Ps ask away.”
  • On what they do on IDDI set: “we play catch phrase and chess. EAT FOOD. NAP. study. PRANK. SING. have nerd battles. it gets cray cray.”
  • Fav thing to do with IDDI Cast: “if i had to pick one probably play HEADS UP.”
  • First impressions of IDDI cast: “i didn’t like @peytonpclark at the audition because he wouldn’t talk to me but now he’s my best guy friend ever.”
  • Most awkward on set:@peytonpclark but in the best possible way. <3″
  • On IDDI cast: “their like family.”
  • Main hangout for IDDI cast during lunch: Her dressing room
  • On what fans can expect of IDDI: FUN> HUMOR> UNICORNS> MESSES> RAINBOWS> SNOW> i was lying for some of those.

Read more below about Sarah Gilman!

About herself:

  • Fav movie: 21 Jump Street  or FROZEN
  • Movies to recommend: depends if you are over or under 17.
  • On her age and her birthday: I turn 18 on January 18.  i’m older than pipes.
  • FAV BOOK: Deadline by Chris Crutcher.  “I really like Deadline by Chris Crutcher. I could read it a 1000 times.”
  • Fav fruit: Asian Pear
  • Fav TV show: “oh wow. this is tough. um either @Psych_USA or Avatar the Last Airbender (does that count even tho its over?)”
  • Fav singers: “I like Taylor Swift’s old stuff (first 3 albums), OneRepublic, the Black Keys, and pretty much every Disney soundtrack”
  • Fav animals: either MANATEES, PANDAS, TIGERS, or SKY BISONS. platypus is obvious.
  • Fav cereal: Lucky Charms
  • Fav season: Winter
  • Fav color: “LIGHT BLUE. or gray. or white. or black. i’m not good at favorites guys.”
  • Fav song at the moment: Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  • What she got for Christmas presents this year: “I got an ice cream machine (AKA the best present ever!), video games, gift cards and a new purse <3”
  • Fav Christmas Movie: ELF
  • GTA 5 OR COD: “COD All the way”
  • Collects: Snowglobes
  • Best trait: Humor or honesty
  • Bucket list top item: Write a novel teen fiction
  • Fav Disney character: Elsa ❤ or Olaf or Ariel the Little Mermaid
  • Fav holiday: halloween or christmas
  • Fav type of donuts: Glazed
  • Fav Frozen character: OLAF because he’s funny or ELSA because she’s the best.
  • Fav Chick flick: She’s the man
  • Fav cartoon: Avatar the last airbender
  • Pets: i have two pugs, 3 cats, a parakeet and two turtles
  • Pet peeves: people stopping in the middle of a walkway. or sniffling
  • Instrument: Currently learning guitar
  • Personal motto: YOLO. just kidding. count your own blessings. not someone else’s.
  • Majoring in college: acting, writing and psychology
  • Fav stores to shop: “forever 21, target, barnes and noble, trader joes, and (if you’ve ever gone to London) Harrod’s is FANTASTIC!!” Forever 21, Target, Trader Joes etc….
  • Most awkward thing happened to her: “I asked a guy to prom and he said no. I was so embarrassed. I ended up going with friends and had the awesomest time tho!!”
  • On what it’s like having dream come true: “I am eternally grateful ❤ some days I feel like I never wake up because i’m doing what i’ve always dreamed of”
  • On what she likes to do when not on set: “hang with my girlies (Jenny & Lauren), play with my pugs, run, make ice cream, play soccer, play video games, read, sleep”
  • Places she would like to visit: “I would love to go to Sweden!! I’m Norwegian so it’d be close to home ;). I want to visit the UK again and Greece/Italy.”
  • On when she realized her passion for acting: “5th grade. I took a musical theatre class and fell in love” i used to do lighting and sound for school productions and decided i wanted to try the other side of the stage ❤
  • On what she’s most excited about in 2014: “graduating high school 🙂 #seniors2014
  • On whether she loves nutella: “um. do pugs have wrinkly faces? OF COURSE”
  • Celeb crush: “Benedict Cumberbatch. #noregrets. or @Louis_Tomlinson if i’m being completely honest with myself. #sorrynotsorry
  • No of times she’s watched Frozen: “5 TIMES. NO BIG DEAL”
  • Current obsession: making ice cream. OH AND PUZZLES>
  • Siblings: i have an older sister named Anna. she’s gorgeous
  • What she likes to do when bored: run or play video games. OR EAT ICE CREAM
  • Color of clothes she wears the most: “GREEN or purple. i’m told it makes my eyes pop but i like black or blue as well.”
  • One word to describe her year: “unbelievable”
  • On whether she likes to read: “YES whenever I can”
  • Fav song to sing to: “cups by anna kendrick or pumped up kicks. maybe i’ll post a video one day”
  • Tips to become successful actress: “NEVER GIVE UP. you’ll hear some no’s before you get that perfect yes :)”
  • On what she’ll be doing tomorrow/NY eve: COLLEGE APPS ;(
  • Who inspires her: my grandpa ❤
  • Type of food she likes the most:  either italian or japanese.
  • Craziest thing she’s ever done: “POLAR BEAR CLUB. got up at dawn and jumped off a pier into the ocean <3”
  • What she calls her fans: GILLYGUPPIES but lemme know if you have ideas?
  • Best part about living in LA: “the culture and the fact that I could go to the beach and Disneyland in one day <3”
  • If she’d like to go to Italy: “YES x1000. my step-grandma says its the most beautiful place in the world. but then again she is Italian.”
  • If she’d like to go to New York: “YES! I’ve never been to NYC but I’d love to!”
  • Awkward things she’s said to someone: “lets be honest. everything i say is awkward (I have no filter) so this is tough question.”
  • Language she’d like to learn: “I already know some Spanish and Greek but I want to become fluent.”
  • Cool fun fact not known: “I played tackle football on the boys team my sophomore year of high school”
  • On whether she’s sporty: “I did when I was younger but my sister is better. I quit to play basketball.”

About other stars:

  • On the Austin & Ally cast: “Yep they’re all SUPER nice and I hope they all enjoy my pranks!”
  • On Leo Howard: “yup. he’s a riot but he sure can play the guitar.”
  • On whether they hang with the cast of Kickin It: “ALL THE TIME. they are super cool! sometimes we eat dinners together and jam out.”

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