[Candids] Tweets roundup from Sarah at Disneyworld, Austin & Lauren North with Jordan Fisher + Happy Birthday to Olivia Holt’s Sister

Before the day is over for those in the West Coast, here’s a tweet round up from the cast of I Didn’t Do It for 27th December 2013, two days post Christmas! Wonder if they’re gonna be back on set next week or the week after New Year’s? Probably after New Year. Anyways, they deserve a good break and it seems that they have been making use of the holiday break to enjoy themselves! Check out what they were up to today.

Firstly, Sarah would like to give yáll a heads up about her instagram account. Take note that her ONLY REAL ACCOUNT IS GILLYGILLAMONSTER.



Btw, Sarah was back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios again for who-knows-how-many-times these few weeks and this time she spent the day with her close BFFs! Definitely envy her cos she’s got easy access to Disneyland/world since it’s right there in California. Lucky possum.

will you be my master?? @laurenflynnjacobs @jshintaku #up #bffs

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cars land at night 🚗🚗 #vroomvroom @laurenflynnjacobs @jshintaku

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Meanwhile, the close siblings Austin and Lauren North spent their day with their close pal Jordan Fisher who’s got the lead role in the Aladdin show at Pasadena Playhouse! Check out their candids below.

DATE DAY 😚 @austinnorth55

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It was Olivia Holt’s sister’s 23rd Birthday! Olivia then shared a sweet childhood photo of her and her sis. Super adorable. Hope her sister had a wonderful celebration with their fam!


Piper was essentially buried in books. Well, enjoying them that is….which is definitely a great pasttime to have cos you build your vocabulary that way! Or you can read fanfiction. XD

And Peyton? Well……Peyton’s back to being elusive. And lurking hehe….on twitter and instagram…..he’s the Mister Mysterious of the lot.


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