[Instwitter] @Olivia_Holt ice-skating fun at Rockefeller Center and @Sarahbgilman X-mas updates!

Olivia Holt seems to be having a bundle of fun while she’s on her holiday trip in New York City! Today she was spotted at the ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center and there’s tons of candids and fanpics of her with fans on the rink.

OliviaIceskating-iddi2ya copy

Check them out below. Be sure to check out @Olivia_Holtfr for daily Olivia candids!

More candids and fanpics below


Looks like Sarah  has been having a good time this Christmas season doing miscellaneous X-mas related activities like decorating her tree and she even still went to school! She even got a pug plushtoy for Xmas from her friends~ (Sarah is a huge animal lover, and she has several pugs, cats and i think some other animals.)

early Xmas with my girlies @laurenflynnjacobs #jennyshintaku

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