[Candids] It’s @Sarahbgilman’s day! Hacked by @pipercurda & @villageofthewar, sneak shot while cucumbered + crowned! #iddi #ididntdoit

Today’s slew of candids came from Sarah and OF Sarah while they were chilling on set of  I DIDN’T DO IT during lunchtime.

First she got Crowned (probably for today’s episode of IDDI) and she quoted Lorde’s Royals.

And then she got Hacked by none other than her good pals PCsquared aka Piper Curda and Peyton Clark.

Thanks for leaving your phone in the school room, unoccupied. 😘

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on

I swear, I would’ve thought they’ve learned by now not to leave their phones lying around….with no phone lock too! Lol.

And Piper sneaked in this shot of Sarah while she’s getting some facial treatment with cucumbers on her eyes…..long hours on set probably gave them eyebags.

Love the hoodies worn by Piper and Sarah though! Gifts from Mateo Arias who are their lot neighbours cos they film Kickin It right next door!


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