[Misc Updates] Peyton in Mag Scan, #LivPipRah on the street, Fanmade promo + Site affiliates #IDDI

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and to those who’s already on Monday, well enjoy yáll week ahead!

Just some random updates which are totally unrelated to each other lol.

First up, apparently Peyton Clark who plays Garrett are already being featured in magazine polls! Check out what a fan shared.

I hope there’ll be more magazine features and photoshoots of the cast coming soon.

Sarah then shared a random instagram photo of her, Olivia and Piper….nonchalantly lying on the dirty road streets in their matching tops and blue jeans+boots combo outfits. Wonder why they’re lying there in the first place.

Because I was bored, here’s the fruits of my labor.


On http://ididntdoit.2ya.com/ related news, I’ve added these two wonderful fansites for Sarah Gilman and Olivia Holt to our Family Site Affiliates. Be sure to check out their site!


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