[Vid Interviews] @AshleyBInspired w #IDDI cast @villageofthewar @austinnorth55 @pipercurda @sarahbgilman @olivia_holt

So apparently earlier this week was media day or something in which entertainment companies and shows were invited to visit the set and interview the cast! Check out the video interviews done by MingleTVNetwork with the cast on their set of I DIDN’T DO IT. 



I love that there’s new interviews with the cast of I DIDN’T DO IT! Plus, these interviews are lengthy which is just the way I like it!! We really get to know the personalities of each of the cast member from watching these interviews cos you can see their mannerisms and how they interact with the interviewer. Ashley was a great interviewer cos she managed to get the cast members to really share a lot about themselves and they’re enthusiastic about it too.

 [edited] Added Sarah’s interview below! Sarah’s video interview is surprisingly not released yet.

Piper was awesomely perky and entertaining haha and she’s really good with interviews cos you can tell she’s in the zone and knows just the right answers to say to go on and on. Her and the interviewer looked like they were just great friends catching up with each other! Plus, when she starts talking about donuts and cheesecake….it’s just too amusing.

The interview with Peyton was DANG hilarious!! Plus, a cool video bombing surprise by Piper Curda who shared her special nickname for Peyton! These two….are epicly amazingly hilarious together.



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