[Twitter] Funfact sparked cute banter by the #IDDI cast @pipercurda @sarahbgilman @villageofthewar @austinnorth55

There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the cast of a show having great chemistry, witty banters and mock bickerings with each other.

The cast of I DIDN’T DO IT are proof of that! They have a great camaraderie together and often can be seen interacting with each other on Twitter and Instagram. Just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S!


Amidst all the excitement yesterday, this transpired….

Peyton actually replied again “Twice actually” but for some reason he deleted it.

Deleted tweet from Peyton



Man, this cast is awesome. Only Olivia seems to be missing out on the banter…..cos she was away recording music for Olivians! =)



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