[INFO] Want to send #IDDI cast fanmail? Here’s how (for @olivia_holt & @sarahbgilman so far)

I’m sure some of you are eager to start sending the cast of I DIDN’T DO IT some love notes (a.k.a fanmail) and gifts, especially since the holiday season is near!


Well, I’ll try to compile some of the fanmail addresses for your ease and convenience, but thus far, we manage to find Olivia Holt’s and Sarah B Gilman’s fanmail addresses first.

If you know any other information of the other cast members, do share them with us in the comments section or email us at ididntdoit2ya(@)gmail.com! It would be much appreciated.

Piper Curda has confirmed on Twitter that she has yet to set up a fanmail address, so we gotta wait for that.

All fan mail for OLIVIA HOLT can be sent to:

Olivia Holt
C/O Disney Channel
3800 West Alameda Ave Burbank,
Ca 91505.

E-mail Olivia At: oliviaholtfanmail@gmail.com

Confirmed by: (Fanmail.biz) | OliviaHolt.com



All fan mail for SARAH B GILMAN can be sent to:

 Sarah Gilman
5055 Wilshire Blvd Suite 865, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Confirmed by Sarah herself on instagram:


If you want to send to other stars, be sure to Check out AlexiRob’s listing below!

Getting Stars Autographs Through the Mail Using Fanmail Addresses


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