[Candids] Daily collation of #IDDI cast candids! + #AskPiper Livestream petition!

Have we shared how much we love weekdays? Cos weekdays mean working days, which means the IDDI cast are on set filming which means more daily candids and updates from them!

Here are some of the daily snappage shared by the cast and fam.

First up, Olivia’s Mom @kimpetersonholt shared a candid of Olivia cuddling with loafs of bread. Lol. Super adorable.

Piper (the ever responsive awesome star that she is) was active on Twitter replying to fans tweets and requests and she shared a selfie of her with Austin on IDDI dressing room.

Speaking of fans, she has officially annointed her own fans to be called PIPER’S PEEPS.

PLUS, she’d be willing to do an ASKPiper segment and even a LIVE UStream….if there’s enough people who will watch it. So be sure to follow her on Twitter  @Pipercurda and Sarah too @sarahbgilman and tweet them to hold a livestream event with the IDDI cast!

She just shared a selfie with Sarah on set!

On that same note, Sarah’s fans are called GILLYGUPPIES! Too cute.

Speaking of Sarah, she shared a photo of the elusive prettyboy Peyton Clark who’s looking pensive on the couch….and tired. Hope he’s doing fine though.


[UPDATE] Looks like the cast wrapped up their shooting for this week’s episode of I DIDN’T DO IT! They will probably get a day break before Thanksgiving. Have a good week ahead y’all!


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