[Graphics] http://ididntdoit.2ya.com Wallpapers of IDDI cast using caricatures from MomentCam!

Was bored so I made a couple of wallpapers of the IDDI cast using the caricatures of them from the app MomentCam.

castoofididntdoit2ys1 copy iddicastcaricatires copy


Thanks soooooooooooo much to Miss Piper Curda for her wonderful and kind words on twitter. Really made my entire week to know that she actually do take a look at some of the stuff we posted. A truly down-to-earth and approachable Disney star who treats her fans as her friends. Be sure to follow her and can’t wait to see her debut as Jasmine on the show! She’s already my favorite character on the show from what I have read of her character so far.



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