[Rumor] New I Didn’t Do it Episode titles update! #iddi


[UPDATED] The following are the rumored titles for Season 1 of Disney Channel’s new TV series, I Didn’t Do it. Take these with a pinch of salt cos anything can change since the show is only in it’s pre-production stage.

Updates on Guest Stars and Episodes

I’ll share bits and pieces of info on guests stars and recurring characters who shared info on their appearances on the show!

20/11/2013 Info: Rumored info- apparently the EIGHT episode of #IDDI will be called The Phone Challenge!

14/11/2013 Info: Rumored info- apparently the seventh episode of #IDDI will be called Now Museum, Now You Don’t!

14/11/2013 Info: On Production Episode 107, it’s called Snow Problem and actor Rober Scott Wilson will be guest starring as Dash on the episode. Check out his instagram post below.


14/11/2013 Info: Also, young child actress Georgia Cook confirmed that she’ll be playing as Young Delia on the show and will be appearing in several episodes! That means, they will be having flashback scenes to their childhood years.


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