[Instwitter] Help @olivia_holt & @StJude raise funds + @austinnorth55 name his fans! + Selfies from @pipercurda & @sarahbgilman

Hey y’all! If you haven’t kept up with what’s happening with the cast of I DIDN’T DO IT, no worries, you’ll get them all right here! Or you can follow us on @IDIDNTDOIT2YA for daily updates on the cast.

First up, the lovely Olivia Holt has been calling for support towards her cause for @StJude Children’s  Research Hospital whereby she’s raising funds for the St Jude’s Give Thanks Walk. If you wanna help support her, you can make a monetary donation by clicking here.

As an incentive, Olivia will give a TWITTER shoutout if you made a donation!


Calling All Austin North fans! Austin and together with Bop&Tigerbeat had a fun time on Twitter today whereby they were calling for suggestions on what to name Austin’s fans. If you have a suggestion, be sure to tweet @BopandTigerBeat and @AustinNorth55 with the hashtag #ANorthfans


The quirky wacky duo of Piper Curda and Sarah Gilman shared some lovely selfies and candids of themselves. The photos speak for themselves. =)

"SHOW ME SOME RAW EMOTION." -@gillygillamonster

A post shared by Piper Curda (@pippiphooray1) on

hello there.

A post shared by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on


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