[Candids] #IDidntDoIt Cast back on #IDDI set! @mrrobertscott @olivia_holt @pipercurda @austinnorth55

I love Mondays! Especially after a great weekend, cos that means the “I Didn’t Do It” cast are back on #IDDI set to film more episodes! The cast members are truly awesome peops cos they regularly update their fans on things that are happening on the set. Only Peyton Clark seems to be the elusive one cos he’s rarely spotted in these instagram vids and photos haha…

First up, apparently, Robert Scott who previously shared that he’s playing “Dash” in the episode ‘Snow Problem‘ is also back on set for this week’s filming.

Austin retweeted a candid of him on set with @QUEENmfine & @Danafletcher who stopped by for a visit on the set of I Didn’t Do It.

Then came the candids from Olivia who apparently did Piper’s make up (heavy on the eye shadow lol).

Which left Austin wondering what exactly was going on haha…

What's going on. #ididntdoit

A post shared by Austin North (@austinnorth55) on

Check out this suspicious tweet of Sarah declaring the awesomeness of Piper…..which smells like someone has been hacking into her twitter account. *wink*

Such a fun bunch.

Seriously, weekdays are great when there’s daily updates from the #IDDI cast members on the set. =D Only a month plus away till 2014! Are you stoked for the show? Let us know below!



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