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“Delia Delfano”

Sarah Gilman stars as the loveable and eccentric Delia, who is always willing and ready to take on the wildest adventures with her four best friends, in Disney Channel’s comedy series, “I Didn’t Do It.”

Gilman began her acting career in theatre, landing lead roles in several musicals, including “Narnia,” “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” and “Alice.” She made her film debut as Margaret in the prize-winning 2011 short film “Hold For Laughs,” directed by Amy French as part of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women.

Her television credits include numerous national television commercials and guest star roles in several comedy series, including “Up All Night,” “Marvin Marvin” and a recurring role in “Last Man Standing.”

Currently a senior in high school, Gilman is an honor-roll student and was recently selected as an Advanced Placement Scholar. She is also an all-around athlete and has played several sports for her school, including volleyball, water polo, basketball, softball and soccer. Additionally, she achieved a personal best when she completed the grueling training for the Boys Junior Varsity Football team and made the team.

A native of California, Gilman currently resides in Los Angeles with her parents, sister (when she’s home from college), two pugs, four cats, two turtles and a parakeet.

On her IDDI Castmates, IDDI and her character Delia:

  • Favorite memory of the cast of #IDDI: “When we saw the first #IDDI trailer come out and @olivia_holt tripped over @pipercurda HAHAHAHA”
  • On playing Delia on IDDI: “It’s so much fun!!! It’s like playing myself on a tv show :P”
  • On Piper Curda: “I ❤ Pipes! I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, but she’s feisty and a loyal friend. I ❤ that girl!!”
  • Fav Delia outfit: “Delia has this long-sleeved panda shirt. Put that in any outfit and its my favorite. OH and her maroon Doc Martens <3”
  • On her character Delia: “she’s crazy and fun. you never know what she will say next which makes her really fun. nothing is weird for Delia. unexpected”
  • Fav video game to play with Peyton Clark: COD BLACK OPS 2 Zombies
  • On Olivia Holt: “this is gonna sound cheesy but its sooo true, LIV is beautiful inside and out. I know I can tell her anything <3″
  • One word to describe Olivia Holt: “i can’t define liv in 140 characters but i can say she’s one of my best friends and i love her.”
  • One word to describe Austin North: “dreamy. HAHHAHAHAHAHA”
  • On what it’s like working with Piper and Olivia: “its like going to a party every day! they are perfect!! I love those lovely girls ❤ Ps ask away.”
  • On what they do on IDDI set: “we play catch phrase and chess. EAT FOOD. NAP. study. PRANK. SING. have nerd battles. it gets cray cray.”
  • Fav thing to do with IDDI Cast: “if i had to pick one probably play HEADS UP.”
  • First impressions of IDDI cast: “i didn’t like @peytonpclark at the audition because he wouldn’t talk to me but now he’s my best guy friend ever.”
  • Most awkward on set: “@peytonpclark but in the best possible way. <3″
  • On IDDI cast: “their like family.”
  • Main hangout for IDDI cast during lunch: Her dressing room
  • On what fans can expect of IDDI: FUN> HUMOR> UNICORNS> MESSES> RAINBOWS> SNOW> i was lying for some of those.

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About herself:

  • Fav movie: 21 Jump Street  or FROZEN
  • Movies to recommend: depends if you are over or under 17.
  • On her age and her birthday: I turn 18 on January 18.  i’m older than pipes.
  • FAV BOOK: Deadline by Chris Crutcher.  “I really like Deadline by Chris Crutcher. I could read it a 1000 times.”
  • Fav fruit: Asian Pear
  • Fav TV show: “oh wow. this is tough. um either @Psych_USA or Avatar the Last Airbender (does that count even tho its over?)”
  • Fav singers: “I like Taylor Swift’s old stuff (first 3 albums), OneRepublic, the Black Keys, and pretty much every Disney soundtrack”
  • Fav animals: either MANATEES, PANDAS, TIGERS, or SKY BISONS. platypus is obvious.
  • Fav cereal: Lucky Charms
  • Fav season: Winter
  • Fav color: “LIGHT BLUE. or gray. or white. or black. i’m not good at favorites guys.”
  • Fav song at the moment: Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  • What she got for Christmas presents this year: “I got an ice cream machine (AKA the best present ever!), video games, gift cards and a new purse <3”
  • Fav Christmas Movie: ELF
  • GTA 5 OR COD: “COD All the way”
  • Collects: Snowglobes
  • Best trait: Humor or honesty
  • Bucket list top item: Write a novel teen fiction
  • Fav Disney character: Elsa ❤ or Olaf or Ariel the Little Mermaid
  • Fav holiday: halloween or christmas
  • Fav type of donuts: Glazed
  • Fav Frozen character: OLAF because he’s funny or ELSA because she’s the best.
  • Fav Chick flick: She’s the man
  • Fav cartoon: Avatar the last airbender
  • Pets: i have two pugs, 3 cats, a parakeet and two turtles
  • Pet peeves: people stopping in the middle of a walkway. or sniffling
  • Instrument: Currently learning guitar
  • Personal motto: YOLO. just kidding. count your own blessings. not someone else’s.
  • Majoring in college: acting, writing and psychology
  • Fav stores to shop: “forever 21, target, barnes and noble, trader joes, and (if you’ve ever gone to London) Harrod’s is FANTASTIC!!” Forever 21, Target, Trader Joes etc….
  • Most awkward thing happened to her: “I asked a guy to prom and he said no. I was so embarrassed. I ended up going with friends and had the awesomest time tho!!”
  • On what it’s like having dream come true: “I am eternally grateful ❤ some days I feel like I never wake up because i’m doing what i’ve always dreamed of”
  • On what she likes to do when not on set: “hang with my girlies (Jenny & Lauren), play with my pugs, run, make ice cream, play soccer, play video games, read, sleep”
  • Places she would like to visit: “I would love to go to Sweden!! I’m Norwegian so it’d be close to home ;). I want to visit the UK again and Greece/Italy.”
  • On when she realized her passion for acting: “5th grade. I took a musical theatre class and fell in love” i used to do lighting and sound for school productions and decided i wanted to try the other side of the stage ❤
  • On what she’s most excited about in 2014: “graduating high school 🙂 #seniors2014
  • On whether she loves nutella: “um. do pugs have wrinkly faces? OF COURSE”
  • Celeb crush: “Benedict Cumberbatch. #noregrets. or @Louis_Tomlinson if i’m being completely honest with myself. #sorrynotsorry
  • No of times she’s watched Frozen: “5 TIMES. NO BIG DEAL”
  • Current obsession: making ice cream. OH AND PUZZLES>
  • Siblings: i have an older sister named Anna. she’s gorgeous
  • What she likes to do when bored: run or play video games. OR EAT ICE CREAM
  • Color of clothes she wears the most: “GREEN or purple. i’m told it makes my eyes pop but i like black or blue as well.”
  • One word to describe her year: “unbelievable”
  • On whether she likes to read: “YES whenever I can”
  • Fav song to sing to: “cups by anna kendrick or pumped up kicks. maybe i’ll post a video one day”
  • Tips to become successful actress: “NEVER GIVE UP. you’ll hear some no’s before you get that perfect yes :)”
  • On what she’ll be doing tomorrow/NY eve: COLLEGE APPS ;(
  • Who inspires her: my grandpa ❤
  • Type of food she likes the most:  either italian or japanese.
  • Craziest thing she’s ever done: “POLAR BEAR CLUB. got up at dawn and jumped off a pier into the ocean <3”
  • What she calls her fans: GILLYGUPPIES but lemme know if you have ideas?
  • Best part about living in LA: “the culture and the fact that I could go to the beach and Disneyland in one day <3”
  • If she’d like to go to Italy: “YES x1000. my step-grandma says its the most beautiful place in the world. but then again she is Italian.”
  • If she’d like to go to New York: “YES! I’ve never been to NYC but I’d love to!”
  • Awkward things she’s said to someone: “lets be honest. everything i say is awkward (I have no filter) so this is tough question.”
  • Language she’d like to learn: “I already know some Spanish and Greek but I want to become fluent.”
  • Cool fun fact not known: “I played tackle football on the boys team my sophomore year of high school”
  • On whether she’s sporty: “I did when I was younger but my sister is better. I quit to play basketball.”

About other stars:

  • On the Austin & Ally cast: “Yep they’re all SUPER nice and I hope they all enjoy my pranks!”
  • On Leo Howard: “yup. he’s a riot but he sure can play the guitar.”
  • On whether they hang with the cast of Kickin It: “ALL THE TIME. they are super cool! sometimes we eat dinners together and jam out.”

Sarah Gilman as Delia

Sarah plays the lovable and eccentric Delia. She’s always ready for an adventure with her friends. Sarah describes herself as quirky and a little random too, and she loves the fun wardrobe her character gets to wear. Although Delia is not as boy crazy as her friend Jasmine, we suspect she will have a love interest; Sarah told us that Delia was going to be involved in a text only relationship in an upcoming episode. Sarah is really enjoying being part of the show and is also a big Disney fan. When describing her dream lunchbox, she wished for one that was a replica of Elsa’s (fromFrozen) ice castle. Right on! We’d buy that!


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