[LINKS&INFO] All about @PeytonPClark (Peyton Clark) and his character Garrett Spenger on “I Didn’t do it” #iddi


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“Garrett Spenger”

Peyton Clark stars as Garrett, the over-analytical teenager whose affinity for cleanliness and order constantly gets pushed to its limits by his four friends, in Disney Channel’s comedy, “I Didn’t Do It.”

Clark received his first taste of performing in front of a large audience at age four, when he was invited on stage to sing “Charlie Brown” with the legendary R&B group, The Coasters, at a local concert in the park. He went on to play several roles in his elementary school plays and was later cast as Little Jake in the neighboring high school’s production of “Annie Get Your Gun.” He continued to perform in various high school plays, as well as regional theater productions.

Before graduating high school at sixteen, Clark was an all-around athlete who was a star football player. He also played basketball, volleyball, soccer and was a member of the track and field team. He has a passion for music and can play the violin, saxophone and guitar.

Clark was one of the lead singers of V2, a singing group his parents formed, which toured the country performing cover tunes from a variety of musical genres. They later released an album arranged by Clark and his father, entitled “Where’s Mark?” After V2 disbanded, Clark formed Run-Time with his sister Acacia and focused solely on R&B and hip and hop music. The duo toured California and Arizona and Nevada.

Additionally, Clark has an extensive background in both improv and stand-up comedy and has performed at many of LA’s most celebrated comedy clubs, including The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store and The L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre.

Born May 20, 1994, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Clark and his family have called several states their home, including California, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

The oldest of four children, Clark currently resides with his family in Los Angeles.

Check out an interview with Peyton on the set of I DIDN’T DO IT!

Peyton Clark’s Advice to those who wants to be like him: “Be yourself.”

Garrett (his character on I Didn’t Do It):

  • He is anxious, nervous and he’s a wreck but he manages to keep it all together at the same time (which Peyton has no idea how he does it)
  • Garrett would be the guy who would try to make the scheme not happen
  • Spoilers! Recently in an episode (of I Didn’t Do It), there was a rope, and that pretty much stops Garrett since he can’t go pass it.
  • Garrett is a scaredy cat amongst the group.

Peyton Clark:

  • Is NOT Garrett in real life. He only plays the character and has no idea what goes on in Garrett’s head.
  • Would try to stay away from anything that generally makes him uncomfortable.
  • During school, social interaction scares him the most in real life and dances were his worst nightmare. He usually stays outside the room away from dancing.
  • previously used to be nervous to talk to people. He moved around a lot and unlike his sister (Acacia Brinley), he is not good at meeting new people and talking to them. Now, he is fine.
  • He went to prom once and it was not a pleasant experience as his date ditched him. However, recently he went to Sarah’s homecoming dance together with Piper and Austin and they all went together as Sarah’s dates and it was a good experience as none of them ditched him during the dance.
  • The one place that he wasn’t quiet was when he was acting or singing so his parents had pretty good faith in him.
  • is a really big gamer and when he’s not acting, he likes gaming a lot. He frequently games together with Sarah Gilman who is also a big gamer though he claims that he’s got an edge over her in terms of his skills at gaming. He’s more into strategy games though he does play Call of Duty at times.
  • Is super awkward in real life (additional commentary by Piper Curda) lol and that he has trouble talking to people but he is so endearing and lovable that they can easily overlook that aspect of him.
  • was given a nickname “PePe” by Piper (Curda) because she uses his spelling of PE from Peyton. Coincidentally, in actually fact, his middle initial is Paul, which makes him Peyton Paul Clark aka still P.P.
  • His alter-ego or hidden superhero persona would be someone whom you’d least expect, super strong, like Spiderman.

Additional Info shared about the other characters:

  • Lindy is the leader of the group
  • Logan is the schemer

Peyton Clark as Garrett

Peyton Clark plays Garrett, a character he describes as “high strung, high energy and tense”. He described himself as “high strung, high energy and tense.” His best friend on the show is Logan. Peyton advises eating chicken when you dine in cafeterias, and we can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with an upcoming episode. Peyton said the most embarrassing episode to film was when his character Garrett was having trouble digesting some vegetables. That’s not all — we were impressed with Peyton’s secret talents — he’s great at wiggling his nose.


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