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“Logan Watson”

Austin North stars as the cool and ultra-laidback Logan, a high school freshman whose plans of being awesome and making his mark sometimes collide with his fraternal twin sister Lindy and their three best friends, in Disney Channel’s comedy series, “I Didn’t Do It.”

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, North and his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was later discovered at a talent showcase at the age of twelve. He went on to land commercials and several guest star roles in hit series, including “Kickin’ It,” “A.N.T. Farm,” “See Dad Run” and “General Hospital.”

A talented drummer, North also excels in several sports, including basketball, which is his favorite. He is a car enthusiast, enjoys surfing, snowboarding and spending time with his family, friends and dogs.

The youngest of two, North currently resides in Los Angeles with his parents and his sister, when she is able to visit from college.

Check out an interview with Austin North below on the set of I DIDN’T DO IT!

Tell us about your role on the upcoming Disney series, “I Didn’t Do It.

I play ‘Logan’ who is a fraternal twin to ‘Lindy’ Watson.  Logan is a really chill guy with a naturally funny personality.  He gets into a lot of situations & has to figure his way out, but has the help of his sister & friends.

Do you and your character share any similarities? 

Yes, I would say Logan & I definitely have some similarities.  I am really chill & love my sister & friends in real-life.  I like to have a good time!

How do you get into character before shooting an episode? 

I work to memorize my lines & be prepared, then let it flow as naturally as I can.

What is it like working with Olivia Holt?

It’s so awesome!  We met when I played ‘Ricky Weaver’ on her last show ‘Kickin It’ & have been friends ever since.  We are really comfortable working together & it’s a lot of fun.

Does everyone get along together on set?

 Yes, we all love to hang out together on & off set.

Do you have stories to share about your time on set so far on “I Didn’t Do It?”

We love playing ‘Catch Phrase’ during lunch & sometimes go outside & play basketball with other Disney cast members on the lot.  There’s too many funny stories to tell.

What was the defining moment when you decided you wanted to be an actor?  

Whenever people started laughing at my jokes.

How supportive is your family regarding your acting? 

Very supportive.  My mom comes to set with me most of the time & my dad & sister also come sometimes.

Are there any actors/actresses that you would LOVE to work with some day?  

I haven’t really thought about it.

What other career choice would you choose if you weren’t an actor?

Probably something to do with sports, cars or production.

What has been your favorite role so far? 

Logan, on I Didn’t Do it :)

Since relocating to LA, do you miss Georgia at all? 

Yeah, I miss some of my friends back there & like to go back to visit if I can.

Do you have any advice for young kids who may look up to you as an actor?

 Go after your dreams.  Work hard & don’t give up.

Any plans to transition into movies one day?

Yes, would love to have the opportunity to do movies!

Do you find it difficult to go to school and act at the same time? 

I’m used to it now.  My on-set teacher is so awesome & helpful.

Austin North as Logan

Austin plays Logan, Lindy’s twin brother and polar opposite. He’s a laid back and chill guy with a penchant for epic adventures. Austin told us he’s also pretty laid back and chill, but gracefully declined to tell us if he’s gotten into similar scrapes in his own life. He’s had a blast shooting the show with his fellow cast-mates and loves the crazy stuff they do; so far he’s been covered in blue slime and spaghetti sauce. Austin is quite the heart throb already, and his character Logan is sure to win more admirers. Austin also let us know that his secret talent is playing the drums. Did you already know that?

Interview With Austin North From Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It” (@AustinNorth55)

We recently had the chance to speak to the lovely Austin North from Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It.” Make sure you check out our interview with Austin below!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

Actually, my sister signed up for an open call audition & I went because my mom said I had to. After walking a bit into the process & doing a talent showcase & getting laughs, I felt a passion for it. I got callbacks with Hollywood agents & started from there with classes, training & everything that goes into building an acting career.

2. What was your first project?

I did commercials, then guest starred on Disney XD’s show ‘Kickin It’ playing a character named ‘Ricky Weaver’.

3. What can fans expect from your new show “I Didn’t Do It?”

I hope they can expect to laugh a lot. Honestly, I think it will appeal to a wide audience from younger to older & hope families can sit down & enjoyed it together.

4. Can you tell us about your character?

Logan Watson is a fraternal twin to Lindy, played by Olivia Holt. We have a deep down love for each other, but also don’t always agree, just like normal siblings. We’re at the point of starting high school & have our 3 childhood friends to go through this process with. We all have different personalities & dynamics between us & it’s a lot of fun.

5. How did you get involved in working on the show?

I’ve worked with Disney before, so when they called me in for this project, I was super excited. There were a lot of auditions & I was just absolutely thrilled when I got the call that I booked it. It’s better than I could have dreamed of.

6. Are you anything like your character in real life?

Yes, I’m super chill & laid-back, like Logan. Actually, we have a lot in common, but in real life, I haven’t really gotten myself into sticky situations like he does.

7. Do you have any memorable moments from set?

Well, we definitely have some behind the scenes bloopers going on, so that makes it fun. We play pranks on each other too & play games over our lunch hour a lot.

8. What is it like getting to work with the cast?

It’s so fun because we all really get along & love to laugh. We laugh a lot when we’re off camera. Each of us is really unique in our own way, but just like on the show, we love doing life together.

9. What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like to workout, drive my car, play basketball, hang out with my family & love my dogs.

10. What is your New Years resolution?

I really just look forward to making this my best year yet. Every year, that would be my hope. I like to enjoy life & I’m super grateful.

11. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Right now, I only have time for this first season of I Didn’t Do It. I’m sure I’ll be doing some new things after we break from this season, but not sure yet.

12. What are your social media accounts?

My twitter, Instagram & youtube are all AUSTINNORTH55

Austin North can be seen on the new Disney Channel original series “I Didn’t Do It.” He plays the lead role of Logan Watson. His character is a high school freshman who has plans of being the main man on campus.

North began his acting career when he started to act in commercials. Next he started to have a few roles on several hit TV shows including “Kickin’ It,” “A.N.T. Farm,” “See Dad Run,” and “General Hospital.” One of his goals is to be a positive influence and encourage his fans to work hard and follow their dreams.

I was able to ask Austin about his new show, acting, and possible other projects.

Art Eddy: Can you tell me a bit about your role as Logan Watson on the Disney hit show “I Didn’t Do It?”

Austin North: Logan is a really chill guy, who’s basically trying to make his entrance into high school and become popular. He’s a loyal friend and deep down loves his twin sister Lindy. When there is an opportunity to get into a predicament, Logan will be right there in the middle of it trying to figure a way out. Usually it is not the best way, but he has a lot of fun working through it.

AE: The show is in its first season. Were there a lot of nerves on the set as you were filming to try and get everything just right?

AN: I get a little nervous, but nerves help me to get pumped up for each scene.

AE: What do you want audiences to take away from the show?

AN: I hope they’ll laugh! It’s a great family show and I really think it’s a show that will relate to people young and old. Each episode is filled with a lot of funny situations, but there is a good lesson to be learned too.

AE: I see that you have a good following on Twitter. Will you be doing live tweet sessions as the show airs?

AN: I’m not exactly sure, but do know there is at least one scheduled with our whole cast and I think it’s a great idea.

AE: How close is the cast? Do you guys hang out?

AN: We have all become great friends on and off camera. At lunch, we all hang out, laugh, and play games.

AE: What made you get into acting?

AN: I kind of fell into it. I did a talent showcase with my sister and got some great feedback, so decided to pursue it more seriously. After taking classes and auditioning a lot, I really got a strong desire to land a series regular and am so thankful my dream has come true!

AE: Do you remember your first role?

AN: I did some commercials, but my first TV role was playing Ricky Weaver on the Disney XD show ‘Kickin It’. That’s actually where I met Olivia and we’ve been friends ever since. We are actually shooting on that same stage now for “I Didn’t Do It.”

AE: What advice would you give to young adults that are looking to get into acting?

AN: Get some good head shots and take classes. Don’t give up if you know you’re supposed to do it. It can take time and there is a lot of rejection, but you have to put each one behind you and move onto the next audition. Eventually, the right ones comes along!

AE: Are there any other projects that you are currently working on?

AE: I don’t really have time to work on any other projects at the moment, but hope to after this season wraps!


Last week I talked about this Disney Channel show and introduced an interview with one of the stars of the show: Olivia Holt, paired to the premiere.

Now that you all had the chance to watch the show´s launch, we can talk a bit more about it. And for that, I had the chance to interview the other main character: Logan Watson, as we had a chat with Austin North, the young actor who plays him on I Didn´t Do It.

So here, you will have the chance to know what he thinks about a lot of stuff and have some scoop regarding the show. Enjoy!


austin-north-interview-i-didnt-do-it-disney-channelQ: What can you tell me about Logan Watson and his bond with Lindy?

Austin: They have a funny relationship with each other. They do argue some, but deep down they love each other & you get to see those heart-warming moments sometimes on the show too. They definitely have a competitive side, which keeps life interesting.

Q: The audience first sees the mess you are into, and then, via flashbacks how you got into it. How do you react as a cast when you first get your scripts, knowing what the mess is, and only later knowing how you got into it? Is it similar or different to what we see on the screen?

Austin: I get really excited when the new script gets emailed to us. We get to first see the script that way, then we all have a table read with production & Disney, so that’s when it starts to come to life. After that, we do rehearsals & run-throughs before we film. It’s a fun process to experience and see how each story & episode unfolds.

Q: How could you describe each of Logan´s friends as a character: Jasmine, Delia and Garrett.

Austin: Jasmine is the fashionista & is intelligent. She’s definitely into guys, but doesn’t always have the best luck.
Delia is quirky & random. Her character definitely will keep everyone guessing what she will come up with next.
Garrett is my best guy friend & even though we are as opposite as can be, we have a good time getting ourselves into & out of awkward situations.

Q: What is your favorite episode or scene in the show and what do you think will be the fans favorite?

I really like the sky-diving scene & think the fans will enjoy seeing us fly, but also how we all ended up having to jump from a plane.

Q: You´ve been in Disney for some time now. How does it feel being in the place where magic happens? Did you dream as a child to ever be on Disney shows?

Austin: Yes, I watched Disney all the time, so it’s definitely a dream come true! I wake up most days thinking ‘is this really happening!?’

Q: Do you remember the first time you went to Disney (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom)? What did you think then? Do you go often? Do you enjoy it?

Austin: I went to Disney World when I was young & thought it was amazing! My whole family also loved going to the Disney water parks in Florida. We actually just went to Disneyland for the first time last month & loved the whole experience from the rides, to the characters, to the parade, to the food, to the fireworks!

Q: A final message for your fans?

Austin: I appreciate all the support & try to read every tweet & comment on my social media. All my official links are listed on my new website www.AustinNorth.com & would love to connect with every fan. We can’t do what we do without all the support, so please keep it coming!

Head to the comments and keep it going, and remember you can Connect with Austin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/austinnorth55; Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnorth55 or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnorthfans. And, you canfollow me on Twitter for more scoop.



Interview: Austin North – I Didn’t Do It

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and checking in with us today we’ve got Austin North, from the new Disney Channel original series, “I Didn’t Do It.” Austin, how are you?

Austin North: Good, it’s good to be here. Sunny California, I’m looking out the window right now and my dogs are asleep. So, it’s good!

Tommy2: I’m jealous, I have to say that. I think it’s -6 where I am right now.

Austin North: Oh man… I’ll try not to rub it in.

Tommy2: Okay, now since you’re somewhat of a newcomer here, there’s a bunch of facts we need to cover – so let’s start off with a big one – you’re prediction for the Super Bowl. Broncos or Seahawks?

Austin North: Oh man, that… I mean, Peyton Manning, he’s clutch. I don’t know, he’s just so good that I think the Broncos will probably win it.

Tommy2: Alright, that’s a good pick. And just like many TV stars, you have some musical talents – specifically being a drummer. What type of kit do you have and who are some of favorite drummers?

Austin North: I have DW kit, I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s such an amazing kit – I love it. It’s one of those kids that will last me forever. And then my favorite drummers, I love Travis Barker, he’s just incredible. I like Buddy Rich as well. I follow some of these drummers that post covers on YouTube, like Cobus and some other drummers. So, yeah!

Tommy2: I hear you’re also into cars.

Austin North: Yes, I… oh my gosh, I’m very obsessed with cars. I actually got a car myself about six months ago and I just love it. I’m into like customizing it and stuff like that and me and my friend go to cars shows and it’s a good time.

Tommy2: Cool! You gotta tell us about this new car.

Austin North: It’s a Mustang, and it’s a Mustang GT and it’s got like a Roush package on it. It’s kind of like a special edition and yeah, I’ve been slowly customizing it. It’s fun.

Tommy2: Now how did get involved in acting?

Austin North: My sister, we lived in Georgia and she she signed up for this showcase where a bunch of Hollywood agents would be there and I didn’t know this, but she signed me up too. So, I ended up doing this open call audition just on the spot and I ended up getting into the showcase and I’m just like, alright, why not, I’ll try this out. So, I ended up doing the showcase and got some really good feedback and flew out to LA and met with some agents, and ended up signing with an agent. And you know, at first it was really tough just getting into the industry and stuff, but I just kept at it and kept persevering and eventually I just started to get some guest stars and then eventually a series regular.

Tommy2: Was that any bit of a dream for you or was this just something that just happened and it was like wow, we could go somewhere with this?

Austin North: It was, I mean I started doing Church plays when I was really young and I never thought about doing it professionally. It was just sort of like for fun, but then when I saw this could actually happen, I got super passionate about it and ever since then I’ve just been super passionate.

Tommy2: Okay, now in regards to “I Didn’t Do It.” Tell us everything from the audition to when the show got greenlit?

Austin North: Yeah, I just got a simple audition just like, you know, your normal audition with a casting director and it was a process, I had to go to like probably four or five callbacks and the last audition was with the networks, like with all the network at Disney and it was with Olivia actually we were auditioning together. That was a really fun experience, like I knew Olivia cause I was on “Kickin’ It,” so once I saw that me and her were auditioning together that was pretty cool. And then yeah, I ended up getting the call, and when I got it I was so ecstatic. And then we shot the pilot, six months later found out that it go picked up – that was just the most surreal thing ever and then we came together and started filming actually on the stage that Olivia used to be on, which is kind of funny. So she’s like wanting to switch dressing rooms. She could’ve kept her old room but she wanted to change it up. And then, we just started filming episodes and then before you know it, one year later it’s on Disney Channel. Pretty crazy!

Tommy2: Definitely! Now in real life, are kind of laid back like you’re character Logan?

Austin North: Oh for sure! Yeah, I really relate to my character. Yeah, he’s laid back, he’s kind of like wants things to work themselves out and I kind of do that too. He’s a fun character to play, I have a blast with him.

Tommy2: And how about your co-stars do they share much in common with their characters on the show?

Austin North: Yeah, definitely! Like Peyton… Peyton Clark, he’s basically his character on the show. Everybody is super like their character, it’s pretty crazy.

Tommy2: And since Olivia was familiar with the area you guys are shooting, was she kind of like the leader of what to do and where to go between break times and things like that?

Austin North: Yeah, there’s some cool spots that we sometimes go to, like during our lunch break there’s like a little balcony up on top of the roof that we sometimes go to. There’s like a basketball hoop behind the stage and, yeah, some cool little spots so we can walk around, get outside and get some sun. Stuff like that.

Tommy2: And you’re pretty big into basketball too, aren’t ya?

Austin North: Yeah, I mean I’m not like an NBA player, but I like pickup games with my friends and stuff like that. I like to… I just like sports, so anything active, I’m down.

Tommy2: So what exactly were you doing, last Friday when “I Didn’t Do It” premiered after the movie, “Cloud 9?”

Austin North: Oh yeah, well during the showing of “Cloud 9” and then right into “I Didn’t Do It” for like the West Coast, we were at the Disney building doing a live Twitter session during the showing of the show. We were just trying to get it out there to people to watch it and stuff like that and then after the viewing on the West Coast we went over to Piper’s house and she just had a bunch of people over and we just hung out and then watched it live at like 9:40, the California time and it was a good time, it was kind of surreal.

Tommy2: And how much has life changed on your social media accounts since then?

Austin North: Yeah, it’s just been getting… like ever since the show aired, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets. It’s just really cool to see all the support from fans and stuff like that. I try to ready every single one of my tweets or instagram comments and yeah, I just really appreciate all of the support.

Tommy2: Now why don’t go through and list all your official social accounts and tell us about your new website.

Austin North: Yeah, for sure. Everything is pretty simple, my InstagramTwitter and YouTube are AustinNorth55. My Facebookfan page is AustinNorthFans, and then like you just said, I have a brand new website that just came up, just to keep you up to date on everything that I’m up to.

Tommy2: Does that 55 have a special meaning to you?

Austin North: I think that it was my very first email, like 12 years ago and it was my football number, so… ever since I made that email like 12 years ago its kind of stuck.

Tommy2: Well Austin, it’s been fun man – thanks so much for your time today, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing many more season renewals for “I Didn’t Do It,” right?

Austin North: Yes! Defintely, thanks for having me, it’s been fun.

Tommy2: You take care man!

Austin North: You too, see ya.




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